Trying to Fill My Days

There are a lot of different things I do to combat the issues with my mental health. Some of them I have talked about once or twice, some many times, some I have kept private. Currently, one of the ones I am trying is just filling my days.

When I stop, it allows me to think, when I think I get down on myself, when I get down I get demotivated, which means I stop… you can see where this is going. I talk about cycles of negative mental health a lot, and this is one of them.

So what do I do? I just try to fill my days as much as possible. I try to combat idle time and always have something in front of me. Something to work on, something to read, something to watch, something.

“Oh so you are being super productive”

I wish it worked that way. The problem with trying to fill my days with productivity is I don’t always succeed. There are times when it is filled a lot with attempting to work but failing at it.

Still, I have set some goals for myself and hope that slowly I will reach them, my time will be filled, and I can stop the cycle that begins with dwelling in negative thoughts. An endless list of goals that I am just continually trying always to be working on one.

-Write more Impressions

I try to keep extra ones written so that weeks where I can’t finish something new, it doesn’t end with my not having anything to post

-Finish more Exploring Posts

I am rapidly running out of my summer free time and need to get more of these at the nearly complete stage. Also, get more research done.

-Read a Few Books

Since I finally gave up on the one, I need to get myself back into the reading mojo

-Reading More Articles

-Working on My Main Writing Project

-Working on Side Writing Projects

-Working Towards a Higher Daily Word Count

-Research More Healthy Recipes to Make

-Organize Writing Stuff

Go through my list of ideas and get them organized, delete older stuff that is no longer needed, clean up folders, find completed projects, and decide what to do with them, etc.

Just constantly working on something until my brain stops trying to eat itself every time I slow down.

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