July Goals-June Accomplishments

Hello everybody! So it’s been a little bit since I did monthly goals. After the year started out so poorly, I have been working on some changes and starting to feel better than I have in… well, a damn long time to be honest. I thought I would do a quick update for what I was able to get done in June (and what I would have liked to work on more) and then some goals for this month.

June Update

Finished My Novella: Finally!!! This initially started as something meant to be a side project because I had stalled on a much larger “more important” (it was at the time, but they are both important) project. It turned into a pretty long side project. I am so happy I didn’t stop though and glad that it is now live. Check it out!

Yard Work: I got some work done on the yard, more to come. Every step in this massive project is one worth celebrating.

Lost Weight: This is something I haven’t been mentioning because I haven’t been losing that much. However, I have started to shed some pounds, and I am slowly working my way to being healthier and more fit.

Started Next Writing Project: Or rather restarted. It was a project I got nearly finished and was excited about several years ago, then I felt… stalled out. I wanted to make changes but was struggling with what. I started The Cafe to give myself a break (and that ended up taking a while for various reasons), but I am back at it. I am entirely restarting it and hoping this time I will stick with it and feel better about it.

Streamed More (Mostly): There were a few hiccups, the last week of June case in point. But baby steps.

July Goals

Significant Work on Rough Draft: I would like to make substantial headway on the rough draft and possibly finish it. It will end up being a much longer project, and so I need to understand that it might take longer than ones in the past. Still, I would like to increase my output for creative writing.

Summerween: Since we seem to be getting back into the flow of streaming (slowly but getting there) I thought I would do this event. It’s an idea I had that I almost abandoned with how poorly things were going earlier this year, but I decided I wanted to give it a go.

More Time at the Gym

Step Improvement with my FitBit

Lose More Weight

Drink Less: I am still “self-medicating” far too much and too often. I am also not trusting my new medication as much as I should. Both of these things could use work.

Journaling again: I keep attempting to start journaling again and have been horribly inconsistent. I would like to really give it my all in July and see if the consistency makes a difference, or if it just might not be a tool for me.

Make and Keep My To-Do Lists: Helping me to be more productive and on task. Hopefully, they won’t be such a necessary tool in the future.

Start Keeping a Food Journal Again

Start a New Book: I have been slogging through the same one for far too long, and you know what… it is okay for me to admit defeat and move on. I might come back to it and retry someday, but for right now I need to be reading more, and my refusal to give up on it has become a roadblock. I don’t even really read it, I just don’t read anything else

More Yard Work: Honestly, by the end of the month, I should probably be done with most things. It’s getting to the point where it risks being too late to keep going. (Minus a few projects that are dealing with planting but actually fixing up things like fencing).

10 Meditation Book: Would be nice to get further than Day 3

GRILL: This isn’t really a goal more just a fun thing. Got a new grill for my birthday and soooooo looking forward to using it.

Here’s hoping that July is a decent month and I can make good headway on most (if not all) of my goals.

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