Blog Break

Hey all! I hope everyone that is reading this is doing well. I just wanted to write up a quick post to let everybody know that I am taking a bit of a break from the blog. Right now I am trying to finish up a writing project, and then after that, I think I just need some time from writing because I have felt rather burnt out.

It won’t be too long, the rest of this week and probably all of next week. After that, I will play it by ear as to whether or not I will take another off or come back swinging at that point. There will likely be some updates on the blog like Twitch announcements and possibly even screenshot posts but little else.

Right now, I really feel like I need this. The last handful of weeks, I have started to struggle with my writing, and I think it’s my mind telling me that I need to give it a chance to reset a bit.

I appreciate all the support you guys provide to me and the blog, so I don’t want this to be a long thing. Thank you so much, and hope your summer is going well!

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