Birthday Countdown Goals

I had started this year with some pretty lofty goals to complete in 2019. However, I hit some massive depression spikes and issues with not responding as well as I should. Pretty much almost everything I had hoped to do this year has been drastically thrown off course. These last few weeks I have made some changes and am doing slightly better as a result (although I have a lot of room for improvement). It is roughly a month until my birthday, and I will likely redo my goal list and instead of Jan 1st – Jan 1st do it from birthday to birthday. There are a few things I would like to accomplish in the remaining month to help set me up for more success.

-Get my current writing project finished and out there

I am actually really close with this one and would rather get it done by the end of the month if at all possible.

-Restart on my exploring posts and get a few done

I have one nearly complete, but I may need to rework what exactly the posts are. I also need to pick a couple topics so when I finish one I can flow right into the next.

-Finally, finish reading The Terror

Or possibly give up on it if I haven’t. It is not a bad book but it’s been a slog, and I’ve already restarted it and honestly… I need to either finish it, or I might have to come back to it some other time.

-Experiment with stream times and schedule ideas

I have been having a hard time picking a time slot and a general idea for a schedule. I don’t think I will have it worked out in a month, but I can start experimenting to see what works or not.

-Start going to the gym more often

-Major yard work

This is less a “by my birthday” personal goal, and more that there are a few big projects that need to be tackled sooner rather than later, so might as well include them.

-Start working on next writing projects

I already know what it is and it’s something I started many many years ago and got put on the back burner. Ready to bring it back up and make it my next big goal.

-Start writing short stories again

-Finish more stuff for Impressions pieces

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