Horror Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

I am not making a list of my favorite horror movies… in fact, a lot of my favorites aren’t on here. No these are the horror movies that for whatever reason have become my go-to features. Sometimes it’s just to have them mostly in the background, sometimes to actively watch them again. For various reasons, these are the ones that end up being watched over and over.

The Descent

I can’t honestly say why I rewatch this movie so often, but boy do I. I like it. I find it terrifying, entertaining, uses light (and the lack of) well, it’s just a good horror movie. There are a lot of horror movies that I don’t rewatch like this one, and I will likely never be able to pinpoint the reasoning. Whatever it might be I love revisiting it.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

It took me so long to get around to watching this movie because I fundamentally misunderstood what it was. I can’t express how happy I am someone finally corrected me because this movie is hilarious. I actually laugh out loud every time I watch this movie, and think it’s one of the finest examples of horror comedy.

The Craft

Like most people my age (especially women) I am a bit obsessed with this movie. I can tell you stories that mirror so many others. I watched this often at sleepovers, I was equal parts fascinated and disturbed by it. I secretly wanted to be at least one of the girls. Honestly, it’s nostalgia lust at its finest for me. I never tire of this movie and the great memories it gives me. Also, I still secretly want to be at least one of them…

Jurassic Park

Yes, it is a horror movie; it is just from a period where the lines between horror and adventure movie were starting to blur. A time I happened to like by the way. I digress. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the characters, it’s entertaining, it’s exciting, pretty much everybody loves it, so I honestly don’t know why I am trying to sell you on it. I can watch it over and over… and I have.

The Relic

Hands down one of the best creature features I have ever seen. I think it’s exciting and again a good balance of horror and adventure. The characters are pretty well developed (for the most part), and it has decent pacing. There are some issues with the story, but nothing that makes the movie less enjoyable. It’s just a fun flick that I enjoy returning to.

The Cell


I’ve talked about The Cell being among my underrated horror flicks. The premise of the story is pretty fantastic, but the execution suffers a bit. However, the visuals are just so incredible. This movie is a treat to just look at, and so I enjoy going back to it.

The Final Girls

Of course, this movie also makes me ugly cry so half the time I end up regretting putting it on. Still, it’s just so amazing in so many ways. It’s funny, well acted, plays with the 4th wall well, plays with tropes well, and is emotionally beautiful. It might make me cry, but it’s a hell of an experience and worth it. Also, Tina is the best.

Independence Day

Add this to the list with Jurassic Park that people might object to being included in horror. I will admit it’s more action but still fits the bill for me, especially with certain scenes that really drive the “horror” part home. I like this movie, I don’t care about the plot holes. It’s fun, it has a great cast, and I damn well enjoy it every time.

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