Joe Biden’s First 24 Hours

So this is my first political post in some time so a brief warning. While I don’t do these often, they will happen. If you don’t want to read these posts, I understand and encourage you to scroll on by. I will not get into a huge back and forth in the comments about these things, nor will I approve or keep up any hateful troll comments.

So Joe Biden finally announced, and we got a good look at what his presidential run will be like based on his first 24 hours. There are four key points I think we need to talk about with Joe, and why simply put he will never be my guy.

1: He prioritized getting donations from corporations over regular people.

Bernie Sanders makes it a point of pride that he raises so much money with people giving the minimum amount. Beto seemed to go this route as well (though there are some questions). Joe Biden went to corporate meetings to ask for the maximum amount from the big wigs in those corporations. This should surprise nobody because this is EXACTLY who Joe Biden is. His record speaks for itself, and his record has been and always will be, companies over people. He will fight against anybody, including his own party, that supports anything that is designed to help the working class and might cost companies money.

He is a corporate guy, and he is not even ashamed of it.

2: He still won’t take responsibility for his part in Anita Hill

He has said over and over, “I am sorry for what happened to her.” What he hasn’t said, even after Joy Behar literally told him it’s what he should say is, “I am sorry for what I did to you.” Joe is like many politicians who live in a world where somehow “I was just doing what everybody else did” seems to be an excuse. YOU, Joe Biden, were instrumental in blocking other women who could corroborate Anita Hill’s story from testifying. YOU are on the record having said that no question of Anita Hill should be off limits when someone pointed out the questions of her were going too far. YOU never stopped your colleagues from saying things like that she is nutty and slutty. YOU decided never to call her. And YOU have never actually said that you are sorry.

Joe Biden was not some nobody sitting on the sidelines watching this horrible thing happen and not knowing how to stop it. Joe Biden was in the middle of it and was on the side of the people that attempted to destroy Anita Hill… all to confirm a judge from the other party.

He will never take responsibility for anything he’s done wrong because he doesn’t believe anything he does is wrong

3 and 4: “This is not who America is” and “We need to get back to before Trump”

First, let me just say everyone who says “this is not who America is” needs to just zip it. Yes, it is. Trump didn’t just take over the office and doesn’t have a 0% approval rating. This isn’t who we should be, but it is, in some part, who we are. Also who we were before Trump put Trump into office.

But the bigger problem with both of these ideals is it proves how out of freaking touch Joe Biden is. Racial and gender inequality didn’t just magically happen a few years ago. People facing discrimination over being part of the LGBTQ+ community isn’t some new problem. The massive divide between the top 1% and the working class is not a new thing (hell Biden has been helping it along). These issues and so many more have been building and building and building, and people are getting more vocal about it.

But Joe doesn’t care about people, we’ve already covered this, to him the ideal America is the one that we had right before we elected Trump, where the issues we are facing were still there, but he just didn’t have to hear about them.

This is who America is, and the only way we get better is to acknowledge that and set loftier goals than “let’s just be like we were in 2015”

Joe Biden’s first 24 hours is exactly who Joe is. Hell, the only thing he could have done to give a more complete picture would be to eulogize Strom Thurmond once again and talk about what a great man he is.

Unless you own Comcast or a similar company Joe doesn’t care about you. His presidency will be a man who works for corporations, tells people to just shut up about their problems (which he has pretty much said on multiple occasions), and go back to how it was when he got to be powerful and didn’t have to worry about your pesky problems because at least he wasn’t Cheney (now Trump)

So if he’s your guy, I guess we just disagree on this fundamentally.

Tell me what you think

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