Thoughts: Going to the Movies

So I recently went and saw Us at the theater. Going to the movies is a rare treat for Ben and I. Between his odd schedule and the price it’s just not something we think to do frequently. However, when there is something I am really excited for, we will try to make it work, Us being an example. Still, we were not able to go opening weekend, instead, waiting until Tuesday morning for the very first showing of it. Why then? Well because our theater does a discount showing that morning with the early bird showings being even cheaper than usual. Still more expensive than movies used to be, but cheaper.

Okay, what’s the point?

I love going to the movies. I love the big screen, the great sound, the popcorn, sharing the experience with an audience, the trailers (though they are starting to show a few too many), all of it. When I was younger, it is something I regularly did, going to the movies. Even in my early twenties, I would still try to go frequently. I love movies so why wouldn’t I love the experience of a movie theater?

But movies are just too damn expensive.

Even with going early in the morning on a discount day it was still a pricey experience. The complaint that movies have gotten too expensive is nothing new, I am not breaking any grounds with this observation. What I will say is that it was early in the morning, during the week, and there were a decent number of people there. Packed? No. More than I have seen at some night screenings? Yes.

Tuesday morning, during the week. People were willing to find a way to be there because they want to see Us, they wanted to see it in a theater, and they wanted to be able to afford it.


I miss going to the movies. When I lived in small towns I went almost every week (we had one screen and one movie that played all week). Some movies I even went a few times for. When I moved to (or closer to) a bigger city, I would sometimes go a couple times a weekend, or even see two movies back to back.

It is such a great experience, as long as the rest of the audience isn’t horrible, and it’s one I wish I could have more often again.

People will come if they can afford it. If you can fill at least half the seats on a Tuesday morning, imagine what you could do in the evenings during the week with lower prices?

Of course, now that I know Tuesdays mornings are much cheaper, though still expensive (imagine that much less expensive is still overpriced), I hope to start seeing more movies in the theater, though not nearly as many as I used to sadly.

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