Short Monthly Goals for March

So I won’t go into it too much, but February was a hard month for me depression wise. I did not get a lot done at all, so doing an update would be rather pointless. Moving forward into March I do have some goals, but it’s more of a crawl, walk, then run situation. I wanted just to do some short goals to help get back into the habit after falling so hard last month.

-Start streaming, then work my way back to my stream schedule.
The first week or two might be a bit off, but I want to hopefully get back on schedule by the end of the month.

-Get back on my blog schedule
This is something I honestly feel I can do, even this early, so I want to go for it.

-Start editing again
I would love to finish another draft of my novella, but at this point just editing a couple times a week would be enough.

-Start writing again
Once again I would love bit progress, but just writing a couple times a week once again would be good.

-The gym at least once a week
That is hardly enough, and I hope by the end of the month I am going 3-4 times a week, but gotta start somewhere.

Given that I will likely have slow progress with the gym I need to really focus on wearing my Fitbit and walking a lot.

-Start cooking again
After talking, we signed up for Blue Apron again to help me get back into cooking most of our meals and eating well again.

-Start working on my yard again
The weather is starting to turn, and I am really hopeful that I will be able to make much more progress this spring than last spring. I’ve been on hold for the winter, and I am ready to get my hands dirty and get things rolling again. I can’t move too fast because we could have last freezes, but I can at least get started and make plans.

-Do my meditation book
I got a 10-day meditation book, and I started it then stopped. I think right now when I am not doing well, it might be a great time to try again

-Get rolling on taking stuff for my depression and anxiety

-Slowly start branching out with family and friends again

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