January Check-In and February Goals

So the first month of the year has gone by, and I wanted to start checking in with my goals as well as writing out new ones. I am bad at keeping myself accountable which makes goal setting practically useless. January was not a good month, I can already say that without highlighting individual goals. I had a few hiccups that really threw me off. However, there was some progress, which I deserve a self-pat on the back for, but I have to be honest about failures if I am going to improve. I won’t be doing an update on every single goal since many of them are changes in behavior for the long term so they will need to be repeated until they become habit. Also, a few of them will be updated in my February goal list because I will be taking step two.

January Check-In

-Start going to the gym more regularly: Nope, I hardly went at all. I did start going though so hopefully that will help with February

-Stream on schedule with stream: Huge nope. I got sick, and my schedule actually had to change. The new one is set up now, and I’ve started on it, so again better for February?

Stay on schedule with the blog: Mostly yes, but I haven’t been doing my food journal, and my posts have been going up later in the day than I would like. Still not horrible.

-Wear my Fitbit: Needs improvement

-Therapy research: Nope

Finish another draft

Get the trees cut down: They are not technically down but the appointment is made, and so I am counting this as a yes. We did our part it was just a matter of when they had spots open

February Goals

-Be on schedule with streaming and blogging
This honestly shouldn’t be a goal, so that shows how horrible I have been doing with both of these. I can do it though

-Wear my Fitbit every day and improve my step count by at least 500 a week until the end of the month

-Finish another draft of my Novella (and possibly finish it all together)

-Pescetarian “month”
So I thought to do this to help me repeat this idea in the future (just without seafood). Six days a week I will do no animal proteins other than seafood. I hope that this will help me branch out with different proteins, and meatless meals as well. I also hope it will help me with eating out because if I only get something like red meat once a week, I don’t want to waste it on fast food.

-FINALLY, finish The Terror
I spoke about this on my Twitter, but I have been having the hardest time finishing this book. I want to finish it so I can move on

-Reorganize my kitchen and start cleaning out junk from the house
We didn’t get to this in January, so it’s back on the goal list

-Stick with “exploring” series
I finally pulled the trigger and got the first one up (yay) so now to stick with it

-Decide where to apply for freelance opportunities
I did the research, and I have a few in mind. I need to pick which ones I want to apply for and then do so. Especially as I might not get accepted and have to start the research phase over again.

-Invest in cross stitch supplies and start learning
I have been contemplating picking up cross stitch, and I want to go for it

-Finish my 10-day meditation book and then stick to meditating consistently


I am going to keep tracking habits I hope to build as part of my goals but separate them out as they are more esoteric and less “do exactly this”

-Drink less alcohol

-Eat less junk, drink less junk

-Cut back on sodium and carbs

-Read more

-Journal consistently

-Reach out to people more

-Do more activities

-Take the dogs for more walks (if the weather turns)

-Cook more well-rounded meals, eat out rarely

-Do better with money

-Better social media posts but less time on social media

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