2019 Goals

So it’s a bit late to put this together (also odd to do it after the monthly goals), but I wanted to get my list together and really think about what to include and what to leave off. This is not a full list, some of my goals for this year are rather personal, some I just don’t think need to be shared, and some details will be left off. I hope to make 2019 a much better year than my last several have been (especially 2018).

-Stream consistently and grow my channel:
My biggest issue with stream has been me. I am terrible at sticking to my schedule and skipping streams. This year I really want to dedicate myself to doing it right.

-Keep on my blog schedule and grow my blog

-Finish my current large writing project

-Start and make good progress (and hopefully finish) another larger writing project:
I am reasonably certain what I would like to do next, and I would like to actually have a more productive writing year

-Work on side writing projects:
And keep me from stalling out and getting blocked with writing. Keep flexing my writing muscles.

-Be better with money and start saving more

-Get healthy:
Weight loss is part of this, but it’s more than that. Watch what I am eating and drinking. Get more balance in my diet. Be more active. Visit the doctor and find out specific areas I need to work on. All aspects of health including, but not limited to, my weight.

-Spend more time doing my hair, makeup, etc:
One of the best parts of working from home is being able to be comfortable every day. One of the worst parts is the same thing. I’ve stopped waking up and taking care of myself, and I need to do more of it.

-Wear my Fitbit daily and increase my step count

-Work on my mental health:
Start journaling again, meditation (which should help my creativity as well), possibly getting back into therapy, many different areas of improving my mental health.

-Make more progress on my yard:
So we want to xeriscape the front yard, I want to keep working on the backyard. Also, start my garden this year and finish up the chicken coop. Sadly we will also likely be removing the trees from the front yard. I hate to cut down trees, but they are causing us significant issues. Maybe plant a tree (or two) in the back to help make up for it.

-House cleaning:
I want to go through and get rid of some “stuff.” We have a lot of stuff, and I could afford to downsize a bit. I also want to reorganize parts of the house. My kitchen big time, even my office a little bit (though that will be less reorganization and more investing in new art).

-Get out and explore more:
By this I mean camping, visiting events in town, going on hikes, just more “doing.”

-Rebuild friendships both online and off and develop new ones:
I’ve been the worst about being social and really supporting people, and I want to fix that.

-Drink less

-Read more
I am not reading enough, and it is not only bad because I love to read, but reading is so vital to being a good writer.

-Start volunteering

-Try to do freelance writing for other sites?

-Do more dates and activities with Ben

-Pick up a creative hobby to give me an outlet other than just writing:
Writing is work, and so having some other form of creativity (or multiple) would be nice.

-Work on being more positive:
To others, to myself, in all aspects. But I don’t mean this in getting caught up in “always be positive,” I’ve vented about this before. Just moving myself to express positivity more but not fake it, and not stop myself from being honest when I need to be less so.

So I will see what the year holds for me and hopefully make good progress and lifestyle changes!

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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