Twitch Announcement for the Week of 1/7- 1/12


Hello Everyone!

Well, the first week of the year was… not great sadly. Insomnia is a real son of a bitch. Still onward and upward. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Stardew Valley, but I am thinking of taking a little bit of a break. Not too long as I would like to “complete” the game at some point on stream. I am considering doing a playthrough of DOOM on stream, something more action-heavy after the last weeks of Stardew. If not DOOM something along those lines. We might do one more week of Stardew before the shift, but I wanted to give a warning either way.

We will also have a change of plans this week. On Friday night I will be duel streaming with Kaitality, and we will be playing Raft with a friend of his. I am super looking forward to it. Saturday I will be streaming with Hooli (and followers if they’d like).

Speaking of Saturdays with Hooli, we will be doing them a couple times a month (instead of every Saturday) moving forward.

I hope everyone has a great week and I will see you Wednesday!

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