January Goals

Being a day late on the second blog post of the year does not bode well, but here we are. I talked a lot about my struggles from last year and how those struggles were really left over from years before. I am hoping to make significant changes this year and hold myself accountable. I have not been active enough in my own mental and emotional healing, and I have been far too frequently my own worst enemy with getting things on track and changing my life. I can no longer merely talk about changes I want to make and have to do. I am going to attempt to be better about my monthly goals, not only in writing them out for a blog post but updating on progress. There are goals I won’t share as they are incredibly private, but the ones I am willing I want this blog to help hold me accountable for.

-Start going to the gym more regularly:
I am not going to put a specific number of days or a weight loss goal for this month. I just need to start. I want to go often, and I do want to lose weight, but I also want to give myself space to get back into it.

-Stream on schedule:
Whelp we are off by a day already *sigh*, but moving forward. I have posted my Wednesday-Saturday schedule, and that’s what I want to stick to. My big difficulty is flip-flopping on the idea of a main game or not, but that’s a conversation for later.

-Stay on schedule with the blog:
I have consistent Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts that I should be getting up, and I want to make sure those happen every week. I also want to add extra posts throughout.

-Do extra research into freelance opportunities:
I have been looking at several sites I might want to see if I could write for. I need to do more research, get together my best writing pieces, and maybe even apply this month.

-I got a new Fitbit, now I need to wear it!

-Make sure to do engaging and positive social media posts, but otherwise spend less time on social media overall.

-Start doing some research into therapists and other things for my mental health.

-Finish another draft of my novella:
I have officially gone beyond my usual “I give up” phase for this work, but it’s still far from done and I need to fix that.

-Get the trees cut down:
I hate that this is a goal, but it is. Before we were able to move in this house almost didn’t pass inspection due to problems with the trees. I am not sure how things shifted, but we were allowed to move in, but the trees are still causing major issues. I loathe the idea of cutting down trees, but it has to be done. They are not healthy either, and sadly I have not done enough to fix that. In their place, I want to plant more (in a better location).

-Cut back on energy drinks, junk food, sodium, all that stuff.

-Drink less:
I have been somewhat honest with this issue, but have held my cards pretty close to my chest. There have been highs and lows with my journey to cut back on drinking. That is all I am willing to give for now.

-Eat more vegan and vegetarian foods and well-rounded meals overall

-More dates and activities with friends

-Reach out to people more

-Start journaling consistently

-Start meditating

-Do research in volunteer chances:
I keep saying I want to do this, but I allow my anxiety to hold me back. I need to pull the trigger as it were and take steps towards it.

-Start looking into new creative outlets:
I used to do perlers, but I had terrible follow through on finishing them. They also take up a lot of space. I want to look into something else, maybe cross stitch or the like. Something other than writing to give me a bit of an outlet.

-Read more

-Make responsible choices with money and stop with excess:
This includes, but is not limited to, not eating out as much.

-Reorganize my kitchen

-Clean out my closet and dressers

-Look into new art to revitalize my office

-Get started on other writing projects:
Nowhere near ready to be shared yet

-Research and writing out monthly blog posts:
I had the idea for this spring of last year, and I keep waffling on it. I need to get it done.

So there we are. Most of these are goals I will be repeating throughout the year as they are related to life changes I want to make. I want to do well in January, but I also need to acknowledge that if I set expectations too high that I might just fall flat and give up. January is going to be a month of helping to prepare me for what’s to come this year. I need to start a little slow and pick up the pace as each month passes.

See you in roughly a month with a progress report and new goals!

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

2 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. Hi, Megan. First of all, let me congratulate you on your success in establishing and maintaining this page. Just that is a big accomplishment. There are many, like me, who say, “I want to want to do it!”
    I must say that just looking at the list of goals is rather daunting. I wonder if you have researched SMART goals. It’s one of those corporate sounding acronyms, but it actually works in the intimate world of the individual as well. Then there’s the, “Just One Thing,” approach, which literally has one goal at a time, around which all activities revolve. I know the SMART goals. I was even a trainer for school staff. The One Thing strategy is virgin ground for me. There’s a whole weekly radio program dedicated to supporting those who are trying to implement it.
    At any rate, I am of the opinion that you are one amazing person, goals met or not. I am one who struggles daily with trying to meet just one goal, so I can relate to your position. Keep up the writing. It is painful to let it die.


    1. Yes, I have actually researched different schools of thought on goal setting. While I believe that prioritizing a singular goal on a daily (or even weekly) basis is good I think for overall changes it’s far too limited and not what works best for me. I do have a daily goal list and it is set up around the idea that you should have no more than 3 major goals per day with additional daily tasks and I use that often. This list is mostly day to day changes I need to make in my life with only a few actual to-do list projects so to remove any and not focus on them would not actually be helping me to shift in how I want to change on a larger scale. I appreciate the thoughts though and lots of love

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