2018 Highlights

2018 was a great year as far as media is concerned. Great games, movies, and more. I wanted to share just a few brief thoughts about some personal highlights for me. Things that were new this year that I experienced, but also things that didn’t come out in 2018 but I finally got to enjoy.

A Quiet Place
Man, I loved this movie. It was so well done and truly tense experience. Despite finding it a little predictable (and thinking there was a glaring hole), I consider it one of the best horror movies I have ever seen.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

I have been a big fan of the direction of the Tomb Raider reboots, and this one is much the same. I liked the setting a lot, thought it was a beautiful game, and had a fun time with it.

Fallout 76

“But it’s not a real Fallout game” nor was it ever advertised as such. 76 is an enjoyable survival game in the Fallout universe, and while I get why some people don’t want to play it, I think it’s okay. Do I want it to be the shape of the franchise moving forward? No. Is it something fun to play while we wait years between main installments? Yes. If people would spend less time complaining about this game and trying to convince other people to hate it, I think we’d all be a lot happier.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Being Saved

I was super disappointed to hear about Brooklyn Nine-Nine being canceled. I think it’s a fun show with great characters and enjoy watching it. It being saved within days was fantastic news, and I so look forward to it returning.


Hereditary is a slow-moving, tension building supernatural horror film. It had a fantastic climax and a great deal of suspense and shocking moments to carry the audience through to those final moments.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

It is not the most surprising plotline, but Gonjiam still managed to bring some excellent scares. It is also a bit of a history piece as the asylum it is about (and filmed in) is no more.


I loved it. It was a crazy, bloody, and cool looking ride. Despite following the “woman must die so man can rampage” trope it managed to be pretty respectful to Mandy and not cross lines that would have made this a no for me.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

This game took me a bit, but once I gave it a chance, I saw it as a gem of an experience. It’s not perfect, with some control and movement issues, but it is a well written, beautifully designed experience. It did something pretty incredible with showing how stories change and grow, while also showing the history of America without being too in your face.

Lego Harry Potter Collection

So not really new as much as a repackage of something I’ve already played, but still. I enjoyed the earlier Lego games, and this one hit when the franchise was still a go-to of mine. I loved playing through them again and am happy to have gotten this collection.

Bob’s Burgers

This has pretty much become my favorite current running TV show. The end of the last season and the start of this one were all pretty amazing this year.


As I mentioned in my Impressions, I didn’t fall in love with this sequel to one of my all-time favorite movies. However, in terms of follow-ups to the original, it was a highlight for me, and I enjoyed it. I walked away from it with the confirmation that I will never love another Halloween as I did the first, but that it was the closest I felt anyone had gotten.

King of the Hill Comes to Hulu

Once again not “new” but something I have been desperate for a while now. I had been groaning about the lack of King of the Hill on any streaming service (and the price to buy the full series) for years. This was a great announcement and gave me weeks of enjoyment.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Yes yes, it’s a crappy cash grab of a mobile game. I don’t care. I am having fun with Hogwarts Mystery, and despite my standard of “play for a few weeks then quit” with mobile games I keep playing this one.

Jurassic World Evolution

It’s Zoo Tycoon with Jurassic Park… maybe I should say more, but I mean… It’s Zoo Tycoon but Jurassic Park

Personal Highlights (things that didn’t release in 2018 but I finally experienced)

The Babysitter

I am not sure why I completely missed this movie, but I did. I am glad I watched it because it was a pretty hilarious ride.

The First Tree

The second game I’ve played that caused me to turn into an emotional wreck. The First Tree is a sad, wonderful, beautiful, terrible experience that everyone should have.


I wasn’t sure where to include this because it was new to Shudder, but we’ll honor it’s 2017 release date. I have a lot of issues with the sub-genre of sexual assault then revenge horror movies. I think Revenge managed to walk the line carefully and ended up being a good experience.


This game is amazing, and I am so glad I finally got to play it. It looks beautiful, the story is fantastic, and the way it deals with mental health was excellent. This game is a gem.

Battle Chef Brigade

I started Battle Chef the year it came out but I finally finished it, and I am so glad I did. It really was a fun experience.

Paranormal Activity

More than 10 years later I finally sat down and watched this movie. I really enjoyed it, and I can certainly understand why it became such a cultural phenomenon. Now for its many follow-ups? I stand by my typical “one amazing movie is better than many okay movies.”

Finally beating Recettear

I got this game many years ago and could never finish it because it would get so challenging by the third week. It frustrated me greatly, but I finally restarted it and discovered that failing in the game is actually the key to success (as odd as that sounds). I finally beat it, and I loved it. Such a cute game.

So those were my personal highlights for the year! What did you enjoy in 2018 comment and let me know! This is my last post for the year, so Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2019!

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