What I am Grateful For/What I Would Like to Change

So this is a week late (since we had dinner on Wednesday), but it’s never a bad time to list what you are grateful for. This is some of the things I am grateful for because they are really so many more.

-My husband and best friend

-My family

-The beautiful people that continue to support my stream even as I struggle with it

-That I have help in facing my mental health issues

-My dogs

-My home

-That I have access to the things I need to survive

-My blog and writing

-My stream

-My dear friends

-That despite my struggles I am not struggling more because I could so easily be doing so

-My passion for learning and growing and that life keeps giving me the chance to do so

-That I have access to tools and resources that I never did in the past, and that helps me so much

-That I continue to find so much in this world inspiring

I also wanted to talk about the things I would like to change. Being grateful is good, acknowledging how you can improve yourself and your life is also important

-I want to take my stream more seriously and dedicate myself to it

-I want to take my writing more seriously and be more productive

-I want to stop being afraid of success and taking chances

-I want to show my appreciation to those around me more

-I want to be better with my mental health and use the resources I have to improve it

-I want to take my health more seriously

-I want to be more driven

-I want to be better about not comparing myself to others

-I want to be less wasteful, with time, money, opportunities, food, every aspect of my life

Tell me what you think

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