Twitch Announcement for the Week of 11/11-11/17

Hello everyone!

So I am not entirely sure what is going to be up this week. As Hooli said on discord, I am having some issues mentally/emotionally. It kind of snuck up and hit me like a train sadly. I hope to stream later in the week, but we are playing it by ear.

If (hopefully) I do stream we have an essential question… Spyro or Call of Cthulhu. Spyro will be out by the time my stream schedule would be starting so I will have both to choose from. If you could let me know on Twitter, Discord, or here which you’d prefer to see it might help me with the choice. I plan on streaming both eventually, so voting for one doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to see the other.

The other hitch in the plans is 76 is also coming out this week. I don’t know that I will stream it right away as I am sure everybody and their mother will be. However, I would eventually like to play with you guys. So anyone that is getting 76 on Xbox and wants to play with me let me know, also let me know when you are getting it, and what times would work for you. Maybe on Saturdays, I could split time between 76 and Raft with Hooli or something.

I thank you for your patience, and hopefully, I will see you this week.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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