Things I Do When I Am Struggling with a Blog Post (or Writing in General)

When I feel stuck on a post or impressions piece, or unable to come up with an idea for one, or stuck with my creative writing, I often find myself attempting these tricks. Sometimes they work well, sometimes I still feel stuck.

-Pacing: This is something that I took up honestly to help me hit my step count, but I’ve started to find it soothing. I have a path I walk in my house and sometimes it will help me to let go of things blocking my mind or just make me feel like I can focus more.

-Clean/Organize Something: I don’t actually mind most chores, in fact, I would go further and say a lot of them I actually kind of like to do. I also love the feeling of my space feeling clean, so if I start to feel blocked, sometimes just cleaning things will help to relax me and help me to think.

-Read: Reading is an essential part of writing, most people agree on this. I’ve also been trying to make more time for reading as well. So if I am stuck and unable to write anyway, why not use it for something that I should be doing more of, and might be helpful.

-Read other Blogs: Sometimes they have ideas about how to get over blocks. Sometimes they just have good posts that inspire me to write more. Sometimes there is no benefit for me other than I get to read something good and give a view to someone I wish to support.

-Listen to Music: There is nothing unique about finding music inspiring, there is a reason so many people use it for getting the creative juices flowing.

-Check Old Blog Posts: Maybe there is something I’d like to write about, but I think I’ve already done a post, double check. Maybe I want to update something I’ve written before because I have new things to say on the subject. Maybe I’ll notice that I haven’t covered a topic that I really should.

-Disconnect: Sometimes I think I am struggling with writing when what I am really struggling with is distractions. The act of just closing down social media and moving my phone to a different room can make a huge difference.

-Work on My Yard: Stepping away, getting outside, and working on anything I can with my yard can be very helpful. Sadly this is limited to certain times a year.

-Just Force Myself to Keep Trying: This can be a double-edged sword because if I push too hard, it can blow up in my face. However, there are times when I feel like I am struggling that forcing myself to work still will help me.

Things I want to Try

-Meditation: I’ve talked about this before, I keep adding it to my to-do list, I need to just pull the trigger and start meditating.

-Working Out: I need to be more willing to get to the gym on days it’s maybe not scheduled in. I get anxious about going myself, but I could use with working out more anyway, and it can help with creativity.

-Herbal Teas and Chilling: I’ve thought a lot about looking into different types of tea and seeing if I can find one that relaxes me but maybe also helps get my juices going. Also just sitting back while drinking it and allowing myself to chill and see if it sparks something.

-Stretching: This is something I could do more of anyway, and I have read it can be helpful as it can help relax the body which helps the mind.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

3 thoughts on “Things I Do When I Am Struggling with a Blog Post (or Writing in General)

  1. It seems for other writers the words pen so effortlessly, but for me the act of writing is like pulling teeth. Everyone writes differently, but one of my personal hang ups is I want the the whole thing to emerge perfectly (when of course it never does).


    1. Sorry for the delay in approving I was with the family for the holidays. I agree it gets difficult to push through and write when you know what you are first doing is not going to be perfect. I think the actual process is a lifelong struggle all writers are burdened with, but it can seem like you are the only one at times


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