November Goals

-Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

-Stay on Schedule
I had a mixed bag with this in October. I did better than some months and worse than others. I need to edit/write on certain days, stream on days, make sure my blog stays on schedule, etc. I am still having a problem with super productive weeks followed by messed up weeks, and that needs to stop.

-Go to the Gym More and Add Different Workouts

-Figure Out What is Going on with my Composter and Fix It

-Consider Applying for Freelance Writing Chances I’ve Found

-Work on Excess Spending

-Start Meditating or Something Similar

-Work on my Sleep Schedule

-Get the House Super Ready for Family Visiting

-Try to Add more to my Blog

-Be a Better Twitch Viewer and Friend
I did not do nearly as well on this last month as I should have. Lots of room for improvement.

-Maintain My Yard as Best I Can
It’s reached that point where there is very little I can do until the spring. However, I need to stay on top of the few things I can do so that next spring I am not making up for the winter.

-Read More

-Lose 5-8 Pounds

-Be Better about Food Waste and Plastic Bottles

-Get more Winter Friendly Clothing
Without breaking the bank

-More Dates with Ben

-Reach Out to People More

-Limit Drinking to Rare Occasions or Not at All

-Be Better about Wearing my FitBit
I did better in October but room for improvement. I also hope to get a new one soon.

-Be Better About Eating Out
This is again something I will do very well with for a period and then just crash and burn on. Also just eating better overall. Snacking well, not drinking my calories, etc.

-Don’t let Depression and Anxiety Take Over. Try to Stay Positive

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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