Fallout 76 Beta Screenshots

Just to Note: I did not use the photography mode in the Beta because I wanted to experience as much as I could, and I have a tendency to go crazy with photography modes… So you can still see the hub and things like that. When the game launches and I have more time with it I will slow down and use photography mode.

Also some brief thoughts: I greatly enjoyed the Beta but I have a built-in selling point that many people might not have, my husband. We had a lot of fun playing the Beta together and us being able to play a Fallout game (even one that is not so Fallout) together was a huge selling point. My experience is always going to be a little biased in the positive because of that. If you don’t have a partner that you like to game with, or this isn’t the type of game you would play with them, then that might drastically alter your experience.

Also, PVP might be an issue, with the Beta being a short window people were clumped together for a lot of it so once everyone hit level 5 there were a lot of people trying to get everyone else to PVP. I left pacifist mode on and will likely play most of the game that way. Bethesda has promised that griefing is something they want to be rare and have a lot of counters to. I don’t know how much this will or won’t work with the final product. It is something to be aware of and Bethesda needs to follow through with their countermeasures. For us, it was more of an annoyance and we had a player follow us for a while before finally getting bored. I have seen others that had bigger issues.

So with that on to the screenshots


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