October Goals

Well after declaring August a mixed bag September was not good. I had yet another significant depression spike only this one lasted longer, and I certainly did not help myself in the least bit. I don’t know that I hit a single goal for September, and it’s hard for me not to feel demotivated entirely and just down on myself. I had some time with Ben at the end of September, so that helped, but I am not feeling great. Still, nothing to do but move forward.

-Stay On Schedule
This is the big one, and it’s for everything. Stay on schedule with the blog, with my new writing schedule, and with my stream. Having a handful of super productive days followed by another handful of nothing is not a way to get anything done. I have a new schedule worked out for myself that will give me time for all the things I want to do, and now I just need to stick with it. I hope it will also help me with my depression as I will always have things to focus on and hopefully being productive at. This also means sticking to using my planner and goal book better.

-Be Consistent with Going to the Gym
My anxiety with the gym just needs to stop. I have to go, and I have to go consistently. There is no middle ground or other option this is just reality. I want to get a good average on my cardio, add to it, and add in strength workouts

-Look for freelance writing opportunities

-Be a better Twitch viewer and friend

-Do Everything I Can with My Yard
I am running out of time to get any more progress done on the yard so anything else I can finish I want to. The yard is in a pretty good position for next spring, but while I still have some time left I want to make sure to get anything else done.

-Read More

-Work on my drinking

-Stop Eating Out so Much
I mentioned this in a recent blog post. It’s not good for my health, it’s not good for our wallets, and honestly, I like to cook, I just get lazy about it too quickly. So other than date nights (and maybe once a week when we are busy) just no more eating out.

-Mental Health Work (personal)

-Lost at Least 5 Pounds
I made progress in August, and I think I undid it all in September. As with many things, there is no middle ground I either do or don’t.

-Keep Working on Cutting Bottle Water

-Keep looking into ways to be active other than just gym and taking the dogs out

-Work on my sleep schedule

-Wear Fitbit and start saving up for a new one

-Control Excess Spending

-Don’t let Depression and Anxiety take over. Try to stay positive.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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