Health and Fitness Goals

So I have talked about getting healthier for a while now and was not taking it as seriously as I should. I have started to turn that around and even began to lose weight. I want to talk in more detail about some of my physical health goals, and some of the challenges facing me with them.

-Going to the Gym Consistently

I have two issues with this. Number one, my anxiety. I will start to stress about going to the gym in the middle of the afternoon the day before I am even supposed to go. I need to just get myself over the hurdle and deal with it. I don’t have the money to buy myself something to use at home, and the gym offers me a variety. Eventually, I have to stop giving into my anxiety, and just go.

Issue number two is how out of shape I am. It’s hard to do a good session at the gym when you are so horribly out of shape. I need to acknowledge it’s going to take me a while, give myself credit for even going, and not be so hard on myself. It will slowly get easier and just going is the first step towards that.

-Eating Better

I am not unique in this, it gets boring to eat healthily and eat the same things while trying to reach that goal. We all go crazy and just want burgers or whatever unhealthy food makes us happy. I have been doing a lot better about this, but I have a ways to go. I want to get back to replacing a meal a day with a smoothie (at least most days each week), light lunches, and healthy but yummy dinner. I will give myself a chance to cheat every once in a while (like pasta on Saturday), but I need to just stick with a really healthy diet. This especially includes not eating out. Even “healthy” eating out really isn’t.

-Finding Ways to be Active at Home

My husband works 7 days on 7 days off. The 7 days off it’s not hard to find ways to be active. We take the dogs for walks, we find things to do around the city, we work on the yard together. It’s his work week that becomes a struggle. Since he is working 80 hours in 7 days his routine is come home, sleep, wake up for dinner, go to work, lather, rinse, repeat. Given my anxiety, this puts a damper on the week. Even walking the dogs is hard for me alone, they are not easy to control by myself, and I get very uncomfortable being out in the neighborhood completely alone. I am not sure what the solution is, just that I need to find something I am comfortable doing by myself.

-Using My Stepper More

So I bought a little stepper thing to put in my office because we all know that our sedentary lifestyles are harmful for our health. I don’t have a standing desk, and the odds of me getting one are pretty slim (though I wouldn’t mind a converting standing to sitting), but I thought this would be something. I try every couple of hours to get on it and use it for 5 or so minutes. I could afford to be more consistent with that use and even use it for more extended amounts of time.

-Start Doing Yoga or Something Similar

A lot of my fitness has been focused on just losing weight. There are other health factors though and other physical factors. For instance, I am not as flexible as I used to be, I get stiff and sore more than I should, etc. Things like Yoga might not help me with weight loss, but it would improve my overall health and physical fitness. I tried Yoga in the past and didn’t care for it, but it’s something I would like to try again. I need to either get good at home Yoga videos or sign up for classes, and you know get over my anxiety and actually go.

Cutting Out Alcohol

This is something I have talked about before, and I’ve quit for a time, or cut back, or whatever else. Until I lose a significant amount of weight, I need to stop drinking. Drinking in and of itself has a lot of calories, and the aftermath of drinking is never good. I eat unhealthy after drinking, I am lazy, I could go on. I also drink too much when I do drink. I am not planning on going on the wagon forever, but for now, until I get my weight down and am healthier, this is something that needs to happen. I’m not going to be a complete teetotaler if once every blue moon (and I do mean a blue moon) a friend or my dad wants to get a beer fine. But for the vast majority of my life moving forward until I’ve dropped a lot of weight, no drinking for me. And focus on it not just in relation to my weight but my overall health.

Look Into My Overall Health

I need to make sure I am not just working on my weight but my overall health. Am I getting enough of the needed things in my diet? Am I being active enough other than working out? Is my mental health being taken care of enough? It means nothing to lose a lot of weight if I am still unhealthy. I want to be healthy and happy overall, not just thinner but still miserable and unhealthy.

Snack Not Only Better but Less

First I need to find better snack foods, and possibly even keep a lot of food out of my house (sorry to my husband) but also eat less. I am a bored eater and an emotional eater. Even if it’s healthy food if I keep eating because I am bored, or sad, or lonely, or stressed, or whatever. It’s bad. It cannot happen. Again, this is not just a weight issue but an overall health issue as well.

Not Be so Hard on Myself

Losing weight and getting healthy takes much longer than gaining weight and being unhealthy. Every time I get hard on myself that it takes time, or over punish myself because I slip and eat something unhealthy once, or whatever it maybe be, that just hurts me. I give up so quickly and so easily. I cannot be my own worst enemy with this.

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One thought on “Health and Fitness Goals

  1. Consistency is key and definitely not being too harsh on yourself as well! If you mess up your diet in the middle of the week – dont give up on it for the rest of the week, get back on track right away! It took me a while to get over my gym anxiety, but I have finally done it and now I am working on my class anxiety. Most of the time i make it to the yoga classes I say I will but sometimes I get too anxious to go. We are all works in progress though! Keep going ❤


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