Trying to Bring Back my Creativity

So I have been rather open about having issues with my writing and getting my creative juices flowing. It’s been a significant problem for a long time now. I have stalled on a nearly completed project and have made no headway with any others. Writing Impressions hasn’t been too bad (and I hope they are still good reads), but even my Wednesday posts have been a struggle for me to get through. I have been doing some research, and here are some things I would like to try to help get my creativity back.

I share this not only to put it out there but if anybody has any advice on any of the things I have listed (or different suggestions) I ask you to please share them.


One of the number one recommended things I keep seeing is meditation. People encourage it not just for creativity but for mental and emotional health as well. I used to do it a long, long time ago, and I think it might be something to start again.

-Make more time to read

I am one of the biggest supporters of the idea that reading makes for better writers. I have not been taking nearly enough time to read lately, and I need to work on that.

-Try to change up my office

I am not sure how or if I can do this, but a lot of people recommend changing your workspace. Since we moved in over a year ago, I haven’t really changed much with my office. There is not a lot of room to work with (I am not complaining just stating) but there might be some things I can do. Even just change what is on the walls I most frequently look at.

-Work on more side projects and a variety of projects

This one will take balance. I have a massive problem with finishing writing projects, and this has been a problem for me essentially my whole life. My backlog of things I need to complete is insane, and the things I want to work on in the future only grows. But sitting down and finishing completely, well my record on this is pretty bad. To this end, I told myself I was going to only focus on one thing for the start of the year and see it through. It worked well until around May when I started to get stalled, and now it’s something I work on maybe once a week, sometimes less. I have dug in too much with just working on one thing, and it’s started to bite me in the ass. I need to give myself the freedom to work on side projects while not doing my usual start something, get it 75% there, move on, never come back.

I might try to write more short stories for the blog, and I have a serial that I have been meaning to get back to (I took a break from it). I might give them more of my attention. Maybe devote one day a week to the time I have for writing to something other than my current project.

-Take real breaks

Also balance. I tend to work work work work then take long breaks. I need to break this. I need to take real breaks, possibly even one day a week, where I not only don’t write creatively but I take a break from the blog too, and from the constant need to think about writing. An actual chance to recharge. But then once that break is over get back to it and work.

-Dream Journal

I am not sure about this one, but it is something I am considering.

-Work on my schedule

After a lot of back and forth, I have decided to make my stream schedule four days a week. While I do write on days when I stream there are only so many hours in a day so if I stream for 6 or more, go to the gym, and take care of our home, by the time it’s all over I only have so many hours left in which to write. I still manage to write on those days but just for a handful of hours. Having an extra day each week where I set aside a lot of hours to write would be helpful, especially if I am going to focus more on side projects as mentioned above.

-Write just for fun

Freeform writing, poetry (even though I am awful at it), bullshit fanfiction that I never intend to share, a dumb project that I will never edit and turn into something else, whatever it might be, just no pressure this is for me and me alone, fun writing.

-Spend more time with art that is not writing

I don’t see myself personally doing it, but more time looking at art, reading about it, finding new music, experiencing inspiring places, people, things. If the only art I am really exposed to is writing then no wonder the well gets a little dry. Even stuff that is not really art but going on hikes and being outdoors “with nature’s art” (yes that was cheesy).

-Get healthier (overall)

Emotionally, mentally, physically, improving my health will make it easier for me to write. When I am depressed, it is hard to write. When I feel awful physically it’s hard to write. When I am unhappy, it’s hard to write. The healthier I am, the easier I hope it will be.

-Try to actually ‘write’ more

I do 98% of my writing on the computer. I need to attempt to sit down and write with pen and paper more. I don’t like how slow it is so I don’t imagine it will ever be more than a small amount of my overall work, I do believe the switch up could help.

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