August Goals

It is safe to say given how many goals are repeated from July that July did not go well. I have already addressed some of my struggles in other blog posts. I also was aware that July might not be as productive due to how much time I was spending with family. With that said I hope that August is a much more fruitful month and I managed to not get in my way too much.

-Get back on my stream schedule and stick to it. I tried to just let myself “stream when I could” and that quickly turned into “find excuses not to stream today”. I have been rather discouraged by some things happening with my stream and I am letting it get to me. I need to just power through this time.

-Finish reading my current book and at least start a second

-Finish the current draft of my writing project. This needed to be done a long time ago.
-Once finished either start the next edit, or allow myself a break to work on other things, but not for too long

-Be consistent with going to the gym. I want to start going every other day until I get myself in better shape and am able to start tackling multiple days in a row
-Get my average on the elliptical up to 2.5 miles consistently and up the level

-Continue the long process to save as much of the yard as I can. It’s been a hell of a project and I hope my current plan works

-Fix my sleep schedule

-Start using my planner better and start getting better at keeping a productive and consistent routine

-Work harder on cutting out excess spending and saving up for a trip Ben and I want to take for our anniversary

-Lose 5 pounds at least

-Take the dogs for more walks and find more activities to do with them

-Limit eating out, I want to only do it for dates essentially

-Continue with eating healthy, including more vegan and vegetarian foods. Also, use meal prepping to help me not to “fall off the wagon” with food

-Be better at cutting back/out bottles of water

-Consistently wear my Fitbit and improve my step count

-Allow myself to work on creative writing more. I told myself I was going to focus on the one project and I believe I am creatively exhausted. I need another outlet

-Continue to cut back on drinking, and perhaps not to drink the whole month

-Focus on watching and playing new things for the blog

-Stay on schedule with the blog and keep up with my food journal

-Get out of the house more. I did much better last month and I need to stick with it.

-Find more ways to be active that I would enjoy

-Look into freelance writing opportunities

-Mental health work (personal)

-Finish at least one part of a project I am planning for this blog

-Read and give good feedback for a writing project a follower/friend sent

-Clean out my closet

-Remain positive and don’t allow my anxiety and depression to take over




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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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