July Goals

So we are a little late in getting this up, but here we are.

June was also not a great month. I am tired of repeating this, but it’s all I can say. July will be an interesting month as I will be doing some traveling. This might prevent me from reaching some goals but hopefully won’t stop it too much.

-Stream as often as I can. I have given up on a schedule for the next several weeks. Too much has been happening that has thrown me off, and I would rather stream when I can. The goal is to have a schedule soon, but for now “often” is what I am aiming for.

-Finish my current book and a second

-Finish the draft of my current writing project, yes still. I’ve been struggling a lot with this, and it needs to get done. I am ready to move forward, but I don’t want to end up abandoning this so close to the finish line.

-Be consistent with going to the gym and add in more variety to my exercises

-Keep working on the yard and saving what we can of the sod. Also get more seed to grow between sod patches.

-Continue to work on the side yard and work harder on the flower beds in the back

-Continue to work on my sleep schedule

-Continue to work on cutting out excessive spending

-Lose 3-5 pounds (at least)

-Take dogs for even more walks and find other activities to do with them

-Start saving for a trip with Ben in October

-Continue to add more vegan/vegetarian foods to my diet

-Limit eating out; I would like eating out to be something we only do for dates (or as close to that as possible)

-Mental health work (still personal)

-Major cut back on bottled water. I was getting better about this because I hate how much plastic waste it has, but then I fell off the path. Need to get back to it.

-Continue to work on getting used to wearing my Fitbit

-Write more. I think part of my struggle with finishing my current draft is I am only editing. I need to allow myself writing days while editing as well.

-Watch and play more for the blog

-Get out of the house more. I’ve been bad about this, and it only makes my anxiety worse.

-Quit drinking almost completely. I will allow myself a drink every once in awhile (and I imagine the trip I might have a few), but no more merely cutting back. I need to cut drinking pretty much until I lose significant weight and get better mental health wise. In fact, minus the trip, I hope not to drink the rest of July

-Stay on schedule with my blog, and keep on track with the food journal

-Find enjoyable ways to be more active

-Look into more freelance writing opportunities (if anyone knows of any do tell)

-Buckle down on research for future projects I want to work on

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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