Thoughts on What is Happening

I am giving the same warning that I give at the start of all my political posts, they aren’t frequent, but they will happen. If you don’t want to read them, I understand entirely. This one is rather short, but I had some thoughts I wanted to share. With that…

I have remained quiet about what is happening, mostly because I felt I couldn’t add anything to the conversation. People are right. No matter how you feel about immigration, or where you fall along party lines, what is happening right now should disgust you. If you can’t manage to have empathy for these children then at the very least it should disgust you that we are paying for it. Once again the taxpayers are paying for something that private businesses are profiting from. I hate that that needs to be used as an argument, but for some people it does.

Still last night something shifted that pushed me to write this. Maddow cried on TV. Let me make it clear that I have no issue with her showing that emotion, I even respect it. But I ultimately think it’s useless because what is happening is not being covered as it should.

We are in a hostage situation with an unhinged person and awful negotiators. When Trump says that Democrats can end this if they stop being obstructionists he is laying out what is happening, and what can be done about it. Democrats can come to the table and give him EVERYTHING he wants with no thought to their voters or the people, and he will release the hostages, the children. What he wants, in this case, appears to be the Border Wall. A wall we do not need, a wall that cost taxpayers money, a wall that most do not want, a wall that will have a massive negative environmental impact, and a wall that will ruin the lives of many Americans living by the border.

There are several problems with this. One- it’s just not the way to the run the government. Children are not hostages, and this is not how you get things done. Especially not over and over and over. Two- the American people get screwed. There can’t be a conversation about “well look, all the people I represent don’t want to give you billions for the wall” if they are put in this position. Three- there is no guarantee that Trump will release the hostages. Because he’s done this before with DACA, and the Democrats gave in on several points and Dreamers are still not protected.

And lastly, we have no hostage negotiator. The Republicans either support this or are afraid to lose their seats in November, so they aren’t going to help. And Democrats are weak. Democrats don’t fight, they don’t go on the offensive, and I frankly don’t believe that most of them even care. If they did, they would be out there and saying “Trump is doing this to children so that he can get money for a border wall that he promised the American people they would not pay for” every hour, every day, until it sinks in and people start understanding what is happening.

Reporters should be doing this too. Again, I don’t fault Maddow for crying; I admire that. I do fault her for not reporting this for what it is. It’s a negotiation over the fate of children where most of the players are not actually willing to fight for the children. Trump is wrong to do this, the GOP is wrong to support him, and the Democrats are wrong for not showing more strength in the face of this.

And while we are here. I never want to read/hear the phrase “this is not America” again. Setting aside the history that largely shows that yes it is, it’s still just a dumb phrase. This is happening right now, in our country, being done by the people we elected, with a percentage of the country supporting it. We don’t get to wash our hands of the guilt. This is who we are, and we need to change it, but we need to start that change from a place of acknowledgment of responsibility.

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