Blue Apron Thoughts

So after being a Blue Apron customer for a while, I thought I would list out some of the pros and cons that I have experienced with it. If people are curious if I would recommend this service I would refer them to this post to help them make a choice.

Note Blue Apron does not pay me, nor am I a professional in any capacity. I am a home cook and blogger, and this is being written entirely of my choosing.


-Planning: I had written in a blog post about becoming overwhelmed sometime before I started up Blue Apron again. Having Blue Apron is super helpful for me. Planning all of Ben and I’s meals every week was getting to be too much and having these three meals off my plate (pun kind of intended) helps a lot. It is fewer recipes I have to track down, debate trying, plan out, etc. It has been great for my stress level.

-It has helped me to be a better cook: Some people don’t like Blue Apron because there is a higher skill level than other similar meal kits. I do like that. I feel like my skills in the kitchen have improved overall because of it.

-It helps with food waste: The meals themselves produce little to no waste. There are days when we don’t eat everything, but for the most part, they are perfectly planned and sized meals for us. It also cuts down on my waste for other days. I am buying less food to feed us throughout the week, so I am wasting less.

-Exposure to different foods: I am pretty open to trying new things so this hasn’t been that big with me but it’s still there. I often try to pick meals that include things I am not familiar with or have never cooked before.

-Options: Each week there are multiple different options to choose from. It is not “this is the three meals this week do you want it.”

-Price: Blue Apron actually seems expensive at first, but it has helped with our weekly food cost. It also ensures there is greater regularity to what we are spending.

-Easy to skip weeks: If you are going out of town, or don’t want to do a week, it’s extremely easy to skip it. You can also change when you get deliveries week by week.


-Trash: Blue Apron produces a lot of waste and while most of it can be recycled not all of it can. Not only that but most of it is plastic.

-Vegetarian options are not great: I am trying to incorporate more meals into our diet that are meatless. Blue Apron offers vegetarian options, but I would not recommend them. The best we’ve had was average and not worth the price we pay. Most of them (almost all) have been incredibly bland. What I don’t understand is that the veggies that are sides with the other meals rarely seem bland yet a vegetarian meal is almost always that way. Nothing is forcing you to use these options, but it does cut into the overall options available.

-Canceling is inconvenient- I had Blue Apron before and had to cancel, and the experience of doing so almost made me decide never to sign up again. If I might address ALL companies, as a consumer do not make it difficult for us to cancel our service. We will still do it, and it is a major turn off and might make some people either never come back or even tell others not to use your service.

-Calories can be hit or miss: If you are trying to lose weight there are some pretty high-calorie meals and very few that I would even call low calorie. However, if you watch the rest of your meal intake, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing.

Overall I would say that I recommend Blue Apron, unless you are a vegetarian. Removing the vegetarian options, we have been pleased with more meals than we have been disappointed with. It has dramatically reduced my stress level and given me new foods to try. A few recipes have been overwhelming for me to do on my own, but for the most part, the meals are not overly challenging while still fun to cook.

Do you use Blue Apron or another meal kit service? Have any thoughts you’d like to share?

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