June Goals

May was not a great month for me. I was never able to get back on track after the trip. It drained me emotionally and mentally, and I just slumped. As such, I didn’t hit a lot of my goals for May. 2018 overall has actually been a disappointing year for me. I started off with some major depression, and I have to admit I am not doing nearly enough to get myself out of it. I have coasted when I need to be fighting and working hard.

I want to acknowledge this problem, but then I want to move forward. I am known to dwell and already have been for several weeks now. It will get me nowhere. As such, I am facing forward and motivating myself from here. Much like last month not all of my goals for the month will be listed here, some are rather personal, or I am merely uncomfortable with sharing.


-Finish reading my current book and a second

-Finish the first draft edit of my current writing project

-Go to the gym four times a week, and start putting in strength workouts and/or the stair master

-Hopefully get the sod to take in my yard as well as other major yard work

-Work on the side yard more instead of just focusing on the back

-Continue to cut back on drinking and in fact do much better at it

-Work on my sleep schedule and try to get a steady routine so I stop missing essential things (like meals, the gym, getting off schedule, etc)

-Mental health work (kind of personal, leaving it at that for the time being)

-No excessive spending on nonessential

-Take the dogs for more walks and do other activities with them

-Use stepper thing more frequently

-Be more consistent with wearing my FitBit and increase my daily step count

-Limit eating out

-Don’t eat and drink junk

-Lose 3-5 pounds (at least)

-Keep up with adding more vegan/vegetarian foods in my diet and even increase the amount

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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