Goals to Help with Food Waste

So I have seen some videos and read articles about food waste and just how bad Americans are with it. I have also just been able to figure this out for myself, I know how bad I am with food, and it’s awful. Our landfills are getting worse due in large part to food, and it’s rather selfish to throw food out considering how lucky I am to always have food on my plate when others do not. It’s also frankly a waste of money. We buy food, don’t eat it all, and are just throwing money away. I have mentioned before that I want to work hard on my food waste, and I have been coming up with plans on how to tackle it.

And yes, I know now this post might come off as preachy. Look, I am not judging other people or saying you need to change how you live. I am not saying that there aren’t bigger or better ways to solve these issues. I am saying that for my personal edification it would make me feel better to be more aware of certain things that I am doing and take steps to improve.

-Get a composter. I need to save up for this, but I want to invest in one desperately. I need the soil, and honestly, it’s a great way to make up for wasted food. Not only that but a lot of food scraps that can’t be used for anything else work in composters.

-Feed my dogs with it. Before anybody jumps on me about this I always research the food before giving it to my dogs, I love my babies, and I don’t want to hurt them. However, this is something I have been doing. If I have leftovers I know I am unlikely to eat or things like that I find ways to make sure that it’s safe for my dogs and then mix it in with their meals. It also cuts down on dog food cost (a bit but not much) and gives them more variety in their diet. They also love it let’s be honest. This is not the most effective measure, but it’s something.

-Learn how to make broths with scraps. I have been looking into this, and minus a lack of supplies I have started to learn how simple it can be to use scraps to make broths. I use a lot of broth in my cooking, and so this could also be a cost-saving measure. The hard part is investing in the initial part and having the room to store stuff before I can use it. Then after the scraps are used for broths a lot of them can go into a composter.

-Blue Apron. There is a long list of reasons why I signed up for a meal kit service. Taking some pressure off myself as far as planning our meals every week. Hopefully to save money. To eat healthier and with a larger variety of foods. It also helps with food waste, however. Blue Apron is pretty well designed to be a perfect amount for two people to eat without feeling stuffed, but also without wanting more. There is very little in the way of food waste with Blue Apron.

-Most importantly, buy less of it. I hate going to the grocery store, so the result is I go, I buy a bunch of stuff, and then a lot of it gets wasted. It turns before I can use it, I end up not wanting the foods I get later on, surprise plans come up and so it throws off when I can eat the foods I get, there are a million reasons why this ends poorly. The answer is honestly to go to the store more often and buy much less when I am there. There are always staples you want in your home and meal prepping for lunches can help with this. However, in general, I need to buy a lot less, buy it in smaller sizes, and go frequently. This does mean getting more comfortable with going to the store alone (yes I realize I am an adult, but anxiety sucks), but in the end, it will save me money, help with food waste, and likely be a good thing since it will get me out of the house more frequently. Sadly as far as the money goes the American system is not set up to help this way (they want you to buy tons of frozen stuff), but I think there is a balance to be struck and the benefits will outweigh the negatives.

On a related note but different subjects

-Stop with the plastic bottles. I am the worst about plastic water bottles, and I recycle, but it’s not enough. The plastic waste has gotten out of hand. I have a water filter there is no need for me to keep doing the plastic water bottles

-Actually, use our reusable shopping bags. We have them, and we buy more frequently because we forget to bring them to the store. And I do use the plastic ones as liners for smaller trash cans, but with the collection I currently have, I will have liners for about 5 million years. I need to use the freaking bags.

-Find ways to use waste myself. I use our recycling, but I am going, to be honest, I have serious doubts that most of the stuff gets recycled. There has been a lot of research showing that a fair number of cities take recycling to the normal dump. Obviously, I can’t use everything I would recycle, but there are a lot of diy things that call for plastic bottles and such with gardening. It won’t make a huge difference, but I can make some.

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