Slipping on my Routine

I can sadly already feel myself slipping, and we are just barely into the 3rd month of this year. After a number of years (too many) of having unhealthy habits (both physically and otherwise), I wanted to reset and do better. It’s been a slow process with some progress, not enough in my opinion, but some. Yet, I can already feel myself starting to slip, and it scares me. The issue of going from having no routine to suddenly having one is that it’s hard to get myself back into that mindset. It’s hard to compensate for years of neglect of my writing and streaming, to forcing myself to be more productive with both. It’s hard to go from hardly being active to trying to go to the gym more frequently.

Of course, it’s hard, I know this, and I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, it’s just my reality.

I don’t want to fall off course again; I need to do better not start, stop, start, stop. I am barely doing enough as is and can be doing so much more.

I can feel it creeping in though. I’ve already started to feel like I have hit a roadblock with my writing and doubting myself with streaming. I’ve already started to slowly pick back up unhealthy habits. It also didn’t help that I had a massive depression spike that got in the way of my productivity. I have spent two weeks going from simply feeling down and upset, to even going as far as struggling to get out of bed.

I am hoping the key to not getting off track again is recognizing when it’s happening early and starting to counter it then, but I still worry.

I especially worry when it comes to my writing. I only got one thing up last year and have been stalled on many major projects for far too long. I am reaching a point where I get so depressed about my lack of progress that it puts me in a loop.

Still, I hope that I can stick with the routine I set for myself, tweak it to make it better, and keep pushing forward. I’m slipping but haven’t fallen, and I don’t want to keep being my biggest challenge.

One thought on “Slipping on my Routine

  1. I completely know the feeling. It’s so hard to feel like you’re able to make any progress when you’re stuck in a loop. Two things that I’ve found are useful in combatting this.
    1) give yourself a break and cut yourself some slack. Take a deliberate, planned hiatus from the gym, counting calories, writing, and streaming with the knowledge that in 1 or 2 days or when the weekend is over you’ll get back into it. Give yourself permission to make a mistake and give yourself permission to recharge. When you do it on purpose it feels easier to start up again after. You don’t feel like such a slacker.
    2) instead of focusing on it all at once, as soon as you find yourself slipping let one or two things go and only focus on the other two things. Put streaming on hold and only go to the gym. Write but don’t stress about streaming. It’s easier to get out of a loop if you don’t let it spiral into every aspect.
    And definitely keep up the fight! It’s tough but you aren’t alone! You can do this


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