DACA and Democrats

The first time I did a political post on this blog I promised that they would not be too frequent. I know in these times we are inundated with politics almost everywhere we turn. Yet they are important, they matter, so to completely avoid them would be impossible to me. If you haven’t read a political blog by me I give the standard warning, I am to the left on almost every issue, and if you don’t want to read I understand.

The recent issues with DACA and immigration reform are getting more and more out of hand. The ending of “chain immigration” is a step in ending legal immigration. The building of the wall is pointless, costly, and will ruin a huge chunk of my state. What’s more is our citizens can’t afford 25 billion on something so worthless, we need it for many things. The lottery has brought many wonderful people to out our country.

The problem is the bad guys in this story are not all being represented.

Let me first state that yes I realize our main baddy is Trump. However, like in most situations, I think the Democrats are getting a free pass despite allowing this to happen.

The only reason Trump and the GOP can negotiate for these insane immigration terms is that they are holding DACA hostage. Without DACA the Democrats have nothing to lose as far as simply saying no to these insane demands. Trump was able to overturn DACA because it was an executive order.

So how did we get here?

We got here because the Democrats with Obama did nothing for immigration for far too long. Plenty of people began their marches and their fights for the Dreamers long ago, and Obama said that he would be on their side, other Democrats did as well. While they controlled the executive and legislative branch, they did nothing. When the fight later became more difficult because they lost the legislative branch, they decided not to pick it. When pressure finally got to be too much, Obama decided to make it an executive order.

The problem with this is it left the order completely vulnerable to whoever took office after him. It was at least a solution, but nothing that was set in stone which is what the Dreamers needed.

Democrats in Congress have had many occasions before the GOP take over to do something to make DACA law. They didn’t. They had chances to do immigration reform to help people have an easier time immigrating. They didn’t. They had chances to set up the system in such a way that it wouldn’t be so easy for someone to follow along and blow it up. They didn’t.

This current fight, which will end with Dreamers having to wait 10-12 years for legal status and will kill most other immigration, shouldn’t have happened.

When progressives talk about there not being enough difference between Democrats and Republicans we aren’t just assholes. What we are trying to say is that while on some issues Democrats do stand out ahead, on many of them they simply don’t. They didn’t fight for Dreamers. They didn’t help immigration. They helped set up the system so that somebody like Trump could use it for such horrible ends.

I didn’t just hate Hillary Clinton (I voted for her and encouraged others to do so). I don’t just want to make it hard for the Democrats. I want somebody that will fight for the things I care about, and one of the things I care about is helping people who want to come to America to get here. I want to protect the people that are here. I don’t want America to be surrounded by a wall.

Trump is our bad guy, but Democrats helped make his life a hell of a lot easier. DACA should have been law long before he took office. Him using it as a bargaining chip should not be possible. If we are going to have a blue wave I want a blue wave of fighters otherwise what’s the point?

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