The Middle

I am very much struggling with personal blog posts lately. I have written in the past about how it can be hard to feel like I have much to say. I think a large part of that is feeling stuck. When I don’t feel proud of my accomplishments (or like they are even happening), it’s hard to sit down and type out something about me. I also don’t want my blog to turn into “Megan whines about yet another thing in her life.” Things are moving slowly, but they are moving in the right direction. I need to follow through and stay the course. The responsibility is mine and mine alone, and that’s something I ignored for far too long. The problem can still arise of “how do I communicate about what is happening in my life in any meaningful or interesting way.”

I am getting back into streaming and remembering why I love it. I do still struggle because I was so inconsistent for so long.

I am flexing my writing muscles, but they still suffer from a bit of atrophy.

I am making healthier life choices, but it is still easy to slip and fall back into my old habits.

I am feeling better mentally and emotionally, but I still have a long distance to go.

I am stuck in the middle. I am happy to be here because the middle is much better than a low point, but there is still work and time needed before I reach a high point again. I want to be there now. I want to be streaming perfectly on schedule again and writing like I used to and not struggling with my weight or health, but it will take time. I am realistic about that.

I am also realistic that this doesn’t make for the best blog posts in the world. Even as I try to write this out, I have no clue where it was meant to go or why. Still, I suppose it is something and a reminder to myself that I don’t always have something to say, but it’s good to feel like there’s nothing bad. Also, motivation to make sure that I get stuff done, so that blog posts like this don’t become regular.

I hope wherever you are at in your journey it’s not a low point either, and I hope that the middles are not so long that they start to drag us down.

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