2018 Goals/Resolutions

I realize of course that the New Year has already begun so this post might seem a bit late. However, have been recovering from being out of town as well as being sick. At this point I feel like going forward with 2018 is really my starting point of the year, and I am choosing to push forward instead of worrying about what I didn’t do so far. Last year I attempted to make a lot of strides in self-improvement. Some of those efforts were met with success; others were not. This year I have a rather large goal book (broken down into the year, monthly, weekly, and daily). Some of those goals are rather personal, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing them. I thought it might be nice to share some of what I hope to accomplish in 2018.

-Being more positive

I have talked about this before. I used to be an extremely negative person, and I can be that way still. I don’t want to be “fake positive” when I am down I will own it when something upsets me a great deal I won’t deny it. However, for my general outlook on life, I want to keep working towards being more positive. Talking more about the good things in my life, trying to hold in my negative comments when they aren’t needed, trying to be more positive to other people instead of bringing them down. This is something I have begun working on, and I want to make more strides.

-Reading More

I used to read a lot. Lately reading is something I’ve done less and less of. I plan to read at least a book a month but hope to shoot for 2 or 3. For some, this might not seem like very many, but that’s how bad I’ve gotten about reading. I also want to do a variety of reading. More indie authors, more non-fiction, more classics that I’ve missed, but still giving love to modern fiction that I love.

-Weight Loss

I have been terrible about this, and it needs to stop. I want to lose a great deal of weight this year. I also want to make sure I do it in a healthy and sustainable way.

-Streaming More

I hope to stream five days a week on a consistent schedule

-Being More Consistent on this Blog

I was doing well with this for the most of last year. At first, I had a schedule in place that I couldn’t keep up, but I eventually pulled back. The schedule I plan on now is doable, so I want to stick with it and make sure to increase the quality of each of the posts. I also hope to see my follower count grow with that.

-Look for Freelance Writing Opportunities

I took a long break from freelancing. After attempting my own website and attempting to do too much on this blog, I was burnt out. I am feeling refreshed and ready to take on a few freelance writing chances. By the way if you know of any let me know 😉

-More Self-Publishing

I did a story I was very proud of last year and want to build from that. I have some larger writing projects I am focusing on that I want to finish. I would like at least one of them to go up this year and possibly more.

-Stick with my Short Story Challenge

I vaguely mentioned doing a short story challenge based on a quote I had read. I want to stick with it this year.

-Rebuild Friendships (both online and off)

I reached probably my lowest point of being social last year. It was bad. I hope to work on that this year and rebuild friendships as well as make new ones.

-Restart the New Mexico Streamer Meet Ups

I gave this some effort, but not nearly enough. Maybe this year I can do much better.

-Work on my Yard

The yard in our new house took a lot of work after we moved in and has a lot of work in my future. I want to throw myself into it and hopefully can make great progress. Working on my yard has become very therapeutic for me. And speaking of therapeutic….

-Get Back into Therapy

I would like to start seeing a therapist again at least for some time.

-Explore my State more

New Mexico has some great parks and other locations, and I want to start exploring them.

-Start Volunteering Again

I used to do this, and I would like to get back to it

-Improve My Cooking Skills

I have been getting more and more into cooking, and I would like to continue with that. Who knows maybe even start streaming cooking.

-Improve my Skills with Effective Social Media Use

Self-explanatory and something I desperately need

There are also things I would like to look into but might not. If I accomplish them great, if not it’s okay.

-Start or join a podcast (or at the very least guest)

-Join a stream team

-Do more with uploading on Twitch

-Get more into photography

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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