Things I Am Excited about in 2018

Happy New Year everybody! I hope that you had a good 2017, and I hope that we all have a great 2018. This year there are a few things coming out that I am super excited to get my hands on, as well as a few that I will be keeping my eye on. While this is far from a complete list here are some of the games, movies, and tv shows that I am looking forward to.

Red Dead Redemption 2


Red Dead Redemption is as of right now my favorite game from Rockstar. I thought it was well crafted, with a compelling story, and great characters. I liked the feel of being in the old west and have never grown bored of it over the years. I have a few complaints about some choices that Rockstar has made, but overall I have maintained my hype for this game.


Dante’s Inferno on crack? In truth, I would like to see a game (or any media really) take on a different perspective of hell. That being said, despite its sort of predictable nature the game still looks solid to me. Who knows maybe in spite of looking like it will be “here is hell as it’s been shown so many times before” Agony will manage to surprise us. Either way still pretty jazzed for this game.

State of Decay 2

I enjoyed State of Decay, it was stressful, scary, solid gameplay, and well-written characters. If they build on what already exists then it should most likely be an enjoyable ride.

Days Gone


The first Days Gone trailer blew me away, everything I’ve heard about the game since then has kept me excited to play. No, I am not over zombie or zombie-like games, and odds are I will never be.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

I debated whether or not to include this, not because I have doubts about it, but I don’t know that I believe we will get our hands on it this year. Still, in the interest of being positive, I will include it on the list. Beyond Good and Evil is a game that has gotten somewhat of a (much deserved) cult following. It was an underrated gem and a game that people have been begging for a sequel. We are finally getting it, sort of. Beyond Good and Evil Two will actually be a prequel, but I am still excited for it, and most excited that “ramping up the cyberpunk elements” is a phrase commonly used when describing this game.

Sea of Thieves

Without giving too much away (NDA) my experience with the Alpha of this game left a lot to be desired. However, I acknowledge that my experience did not line up with many others and was at least in part my fault. I am still looking forward to the game, though I hope they maybe put in a few things to help encourage those that might want to play solo every once in a while.

Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built


If you are unaware of the story, the Winchester house is a bit of an odd place. It has doors leading to nowhere, twists and turns, and many other strange things about it. The most widely accepted theory is that the widow of William Winchester believed that she was being haunted by those killed by the Winchester rifle. Her solution to the problem? Keep building on her estate and purposely make it confusing so that the spirits could not find her. There is a debate of whether or not this is true, but the movie starring Helen Mirren as the widow is based on the premise that it is. This has a lot of potential to be a fascinating supernatural horror story, and I hope it manages to live up.

Black Panther

I am reaching my point of being over comic book movies if I am being frank. They are fun, but I am ready to move on. Since Deadpool, I haven’t seen a single one in theaters and haven’t really planned to change that. Black Panther I believe represents a (potential) shift that is important, however. I want the movie to succeed, and while I am not in love with comic movies anymore, I certainly don’t hate them. This one looks enjoyable, so hype mode engaged.

Slender Man


I am going to be honest, I don’t think this will end up being a good movie. Still, I want it to be good, and so I can’t deny that I am a bit excited about it. There are a lot of places they can take this story, and I hope that I am wrong.

Deadpool 2

Possibly the only superhero movie that I will remain pumped for in the coming years. X-Men and then Deadpool are pretty much what got me into comics, and while I am still not super devoted to the hobby, they have a place in my heart. I greatly enjoyed the first movie and am excited to see where they go with this one.


I can’t believe this made the list. I am a bit stunned even as I type this out. My relationship with the Halloween franchise is becoming more well known. I love the original movie and consider it one of the best slasher movies of all time, and best horror movies in general. That being said, I am not a fan of the franchise overall. Each time the movies gave Michael more of a backstory the less I have liked them. What is shocking about Halloween is that Michael is just evil. He fixates on this girl at random and decides to stalk her, kill her friends, and then eventually her. He has no motivation; he has no complex backstory, he is just evil. Michael doesn’t need a backstory, and yet it’s gotten more in-depth over the series with the remake pretty much being all about that. The newest Halloween is not looking to undo everything I find problematic with the franchise, but it is looking to undo a lot of it. I am still iffy, but I have gone from “not the least bit interested” to “cautiously optimistic.”

The Alienist

Crime stories are on the rise, especially told from the perspective of those that are trying to get into the minds of criminals. The Alienist is a period piece about just that. I am a sucker for these types of shows, and I appreciate that it’s a miniseries.


More true crime. The story of Waco is a sad but interesting one. If this is done well, it has the potential to be one of the best true crime miniseries out there. It can also lead to other miniseries that are related to this incident (like Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City bombing).

Altered Carbon

Cyberpunk/science fiction highly stylized Netflix series? Yes, please. I actually know very little about the upcoming series and the book it’s based on, but the keywords are ones that I greatly enjoy. Plus it gives me an excuse to add the book to my reading list.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace


I don’t like American Horror Story (prepares for hate), so it took me a long time to come around on the first “American Crime Story” series. Still, the OJ Simpson story took me by surprise, and I liked it a great deal. If this series stays true to that then I have high hopes. If it repeats the many problems of AHS as far as lousy storytelling then it will be a disaster. I guess only time will tell.

Good Girls

Good Girls is about a group of women that decide to rob a store after they are struggling to make ends meet. Things inevitably go wrong from there and spiral out of control. The cast seems killer, and I am always curious about shows that about leading women. Now it has the potential to go on too long (see Weeds), but that’s something to deal with in the future. For now, I am excited to check it out.

I know the list didn’t include comics, books, or music and for that I am sorry. I tend to pay attention to those more in the short term which is a bit of a problem. What are you excited about this year? Comment and let me know and have a great one!

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