Personal Update

My Twitch followers have noticed my absence and my blog has been less than consistent lately. There have been a few posts about being hit by depression and honestly, it’s shining through with both my blog and Twitch I know. I was hanging on by a thread right before and during the move and sometime after that it just snapped. I have been attempting to claw my way out of it and it’s starting to happen but the after effects are still there. It’s sort of like a depression hang over for lack of better way to describe it. I feel better overall but there are things still lingering. It’s still easy for me to lose my motivation, my self-confidence and esteem are in the dumps, and I am sliding up and down rather than being consistent with my mood/emotions.

I am going on a short trip in the near future. It will be a good chance for me to recharge, see family, and just get away from awhile. I have worked on a new schedule for when I come home. It’s something that I feel I can be more consistent with and succeed with. It’s something I’ve been talking about doing all summer and it’s simply time for me to implement it.

For what it’s worth I am sorry for those that like being regulars (with either my blog or my Twitch). I have talked before about needing to make life changes and schedule changes. I am sure people feel like “I’ve read this before” but these things are a process. This won’t be the last time I hit a roadblock. All I can do is keep getting better over time and hope that I am more prepared for the next roadblock.

There might be a few updates between now and when I get back, though no Twitch streams. I am hoping the trip will allow me a good chance to recharge because once I get home I want to hit the blog, Twitch, writing, weight loss, etc hard. I mean really hard.

The blog will have a more regular schedule and more consistency of what is posted when. My Twitch schedule I had come up with a few weeks ago and we will be going with that for the foreseeable future. So until then I hope you guys have a good rest of your summer and see you soon ❤

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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