Impressions: Dead by Daylight vs Friday the 13th

So prior to the launch of Friday the 13th there was a trend among gamers to compare it to Dead by Daylight. Could both survive in the same world? Would F13 kill DBD? Would DBD be too strong? Would the two end up being knock offs of each other with personal preference as the deciding factor? There were a million questions about this, and we finally had our chance for an answer. That answer is… they aren’t really the same.


First, let me say I am not blaming or insulting anyone for making the comparison. I had myself, many times in fact. Not only that but there are some good comparison points if you look at the core of the games. What is different is not something solid but rather how “they feel”.

Both are asymmetric multiplayer games. This means a group of “weak” players vs one “strong” player. Both are horror based. So at their core, they are the same. Yet they stand very much apart based on the fact of how one enjoys the game.

Dead by Daylight is a game that while helped by having friends, does not require it. Everyone has a common goal, and the implied rules for how to achieve said goal are well known. You make or break it in the game by becoming more skilled and adapting to those you play with.


Friday the 13th has almost become a party game. Simply put, it’s not fun without people you know to play it with. The game has an open mic which people use (and more often than not abuse). You can’t actually choose the role you play, and more is left to chance than skill.

In essence, the games just simply play too differently to be compared. One is meant to be played with friends, and the other on a more competitive level. In fairness, I have no idea if this was intentional, but it is what it is. Friday the 13th is simply not that much fun if you aren’t with people you know.

Now since this isn’t a full impressions of any sort I thought I might give some thoughts to Friday the 13th.


Number one: The game’s sound design is amazing. They brought in movie sounds without it sounding either forced or campy. The sound it brilliant. It’s intense, scary, and keeps you focused. The music is spot on and everything is well placed.

Number Two: Jason is of course broken. This should be no surprise to anyone. There are a few easy tweaks that could help with balancing, and I have faith in the developers.

Number Three: There are bugs. Once again I have faith in the developers…, but they remain a problem.

All in all, Friday the 13th is not a DBD killer simply because it’s not similar enough. However, it is hurt by the DBD fan base. Friday the 13th needs to embrace its unique role in the gaming market and the price is not helping that to happen. I think there is a great future for this game, but I worry that a lack of enthusiasm will stop it before it has a chance. I hope I am wrong because the potential there is so amazing.

Let us customize our counselors more and embrace the “friend play” aspect of F13, and there is an amazing game in the making.

In the meantime stop comparing these games. If you have to compare them, however, remember that DBD was completely broken when it first came out, and give F13 a break.

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