Being More Positive

I have talked a lot about being more positive but not expanding on the what I mean by that. I, like all people, am prone to less than wonderful aspects. I can be very negative in a number of different ways that impact myself and others. In an effort to stop that, here are some things I would like to do (or not do as the case may be).

-Stop being so angry and negative on social media. I have discussed this before, and it’s something I need to continue to work on. I am prone to getting very angry (especially when I am going through an episode), and then spewing a lot of hatred and negativity especially on my social media. I’ve said some nasty things, I’ve used harsh language, I’ve even pushed people away. On those days I simply just need to not even sign in.

-Actually, send out positive messages on social media. I rarely do this, and I feel it would be good.

-Not spending so much time obsessing over what I haven’t done and spending more time thinking about what I have. I have a tendency to get into spirals where I just rail on myself and everything I’ve failed to accomplish. It only puts me in a dark place and serves to kill my motivation.

-Let more things go and avoid more things that I know will upset me. I can’t avoid them all, but I can be better at controlling what I do let get to me or let in my life.

-Take time every day to do things that make me happy and do them simply for the joy they bring. Stop thinking of the benefits, stop considering them a “waste of time”, just enjoy.

-Get outdoors more and see people more. These go hand in hand to me because the lack of them has the same impact. It’s easy to be trapped in my bubble and not get enough socialization or nature, which then leads to negativity.

-Be more proactive in understanding when I am having an episode or am in a dark place, and trying to battle it before I turn it on others.

-Stop the constant comparing myself to others. Not only does it make me negative about myself, but it makes me start to feel negatively towards them because of spite. It’s just bad…

-Just simply be more positive. I choose how to respond, how to project, how to interact. I need to make the active decision every time to consider what I am being.

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