I Didn’t Hate Hillary… but I’m Starting To

Hello, I don’t always do such a long intro to these posts but I have gotten a number of new followers since the last one. This is not a political blog but I will share my thoughts on politics from time to time. I understand this is not what everyone wants to read so they are not common, but they will happen. When I do post them I will always start with an intro (of varying lengths) and then a read more break. I do this so that it is very easy for people who don’t want to read about politics to skip the posts. I warn you now if you should choose to read I am progressive on almost every issue so know that is where I am coming from when I do share about politics.

I was a pretty open Bernie supporter. I was very clear during the primaries that it was time for a more progressive candidate, and that for all her qualifications Clinton needed to step aside. When polls started to show that she would likely lose to Trump I (on more than one occasion) said that if she cared for America at all she would quit the race. I was pissed at the way the primaries happened, but it didn’t take me long to shift from Bernie to Hillary mode.

I didn’t hate Hillary as much as other people. I wasn’t filled with angst over having to vote for her. I didn’t consider a 3rd party because the 3rd party candidates were a joke. I wasn’t thrilled to be voting for her, but since I started voting I’ve never been thrilled to vote for anyone. I was over all ok with voting for her and was hopeful that she would step up in some ways when she became president. I thought maybe if progressive Democrats stayed on her case that she would step up and say, ‘You know what, I am going to be more progressive than Obama was.’

Then she lost. And I was filled with angst.

Then she and her supporters started blaming everyone under the sun, and now I am just pissed off.

Hillary lost this election. 3rd party voters didn’t. Bernie Sanders supporters didn’t. Russia didn’t lose it for her. Hillary lost it. She ran a crappy campaign that didn’t focus on getting people excited to vote for her, but instead said, “Well, I’m not Trump”.

Everyone likes to talk about how many votes she got, but no one wants to put it in perspective. She got that many votes largely because people wanted Trump to lose, not because they wanted her to win. That shouldn’t surprise anyone because again that was the campaign she ran. She didn’t run as “let me tell you my policy issues that will make this country great again” she ran “he’s scary”. And he was scary so it did work to an extent… but not enough to seal the deal, and they knew it wasn’t going to be enough. The writing was on the wall, and the outcome shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

Yet right now the major focus from establishment Democrats and their supporters is that it was Sanders that lost her the election. Joy Reid compared us to college friends that come over eat your food, wreck your stuff, then give you no money. You know who you guys are? The alcoholic friend that blames everybody else for your problems instead of owning up to your issues.

People were excited to vote for Sanders. His rallies were high energy, and on the backs for 25 dollars here and 25 there he raised an unbelievable amount of money. If Hillary Clinton couldn’t get people excited for her that’s HER fault.

It’s HER fault that people went into the voting booth thinking “anyone but Trump” and not “I’m proud of who I am voting for”.

It’s HER fault she lost so many “Bernie Bros” to 3rd party candidates.

It’s HER fault that she didn’t even consider Bernie for Vice President and gave the bird to his supporters by picking who she did.

It’s HER fault she lost.

I didn’t hate Hillary Clinton. I was sad that she lost, not just because Trump won but because again I thought that maybe with strong progressive voices shouting at her she might have stepped up.

With every op-ed, every facebook post, every tweet talking about how it was someone else’s fault (especially Sanders and his supporters) I hate her and her supporters more.

This attitude is part of the reason that she lost, and as one of the most unpopular candidates we’ve ever had sits in the oval office, they still haven’t learned that lesson…

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