The Next 365

So I talked briefly about my angst over turning 30 and it’s happened… here we are. I am going through highs and lows with this. Going from feeling like I am ready to take on the world and I’ve been too hard on myself, to oh my gosh I have accomplished nothing why even bother with the next 30 years. It’s been less than healthy and a little bit immature, but it’s who I am. To focus myself a bit I am going to do what I love to do, make a list. In the next year, I want to accomplish the following.

Finally get my writing project going. This should have happened a long time ago, things got in the way, but it can’t be put off anymore.

-Put more focus on this blog and it’s growth

-Writing in general. More short stories, more longer projects, more writing in general

-Lose a lot of weight, like 100 pounds.

-Make more progress in not eating out as much

-Grow vegetables and fruits, get chickens for eggs

-Improve my cooking skills

-Significantly cut back on my alcohol consumption

-Start doing more outdoor activities like hiking and such

-Use my gym membership more frequently

-Grow my Twitch channel significantly or consider whether or not it has a serious future or should just be a hobby

-Try to use the upload feature more on Twitch

-Be a better wife to Ben. Do more stuff together, go on dates more, be more supportive

-Work on getting some of my old friendships back and making new ones.

-Become a better dog owner. Better with training and keeping them mentally and physically active

-Do major work with the lawn in the new place. It will likely take more than a year to bring it fully back to life, but we need to start somewhere.

-Be better at saving money

-Make more progress in paying down debt

-Read more. Used to read all the damn time now barely do it.

-Start volunteering again

-Get in counseling again and/or working on my mental illness more positively again

-Work on my own environmental impact. Start to compost, use less plastic, work on food waste, things of this nature.

-Be more positive to myself, others, in general

-Spend more time learning new things

-Reach out to my family more

-Take the time to do things that help with my self-esteem and confidence

-Be more productive in all things

Tell me what you think

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