Little Steps that I Deserve to Celebrate

I often times find myself so focused on what I haven’t done, while completely ignoring the improvements I am making. Progress takes time, I am not able to change my life as easy as flipping a switch. I would like to take this time to highlight things I simply don’t pat myself on the back for, even though I should.

Leave the House

This might seem like no big deal, but for me it is. During a dark time in my life I actually didn’t leave my house for weeks at a time. I have been working hard on making sure to leave the house at least once every single day. I might go a day or two here or there where I just can’t convince myself, but I have gotten much better. I need to celebrate the fact that I leave the house, that I am moving beyond the time in my life where I wouldn’t go out for so long.

Go to the Gym Even for Easy Workouts

This happened recently. I woke up feeling very stiff and sore. My knee-jerk reaction was to simply skip the gym. After being up for awhile I decide that no, I needed to go. It was an easier work out, I only did a stationary bike on a low setting for half an hour. I still went, and I still kept my momentum of going regularly going.

Creative Writing

Lately my struggles with creative writing have gotten extreme. I am doing better with other aspects of my life but failing at this one. My goal is around 2,000 words a day, but I struggle to even hit 1,000. However, I need to allow myself to celebrate writing at all. I need to snap myself out of this struggle, but in the meantime any writing is progress.

Streaming Again

My streaming career took a major nose dive about a year ago. I made some drastic changes that I didn’t really want, and it completely killed my momentum. I haven’t entirely gotten my motivation back, it’s been a slow crawl. However, I am starting to stream more regularly and fighting to get back at it.

Slowly Eating/Drinking Healthier

I am a very unhealthy person. I largely still eat and act like I am in high school at times, which I am not… not even close. I have tried many times to make drastic changes to my diet, some have taken, some have not. I am slowly getting healthier, and I think it’s something to celebrate.

In all these things I still have mountains to climb. I need to work hard, and in fact harder. However, I deserve a pat on the back sometimes instead of just constantly being down on myself. I am taking baby steps towards a better me, and while it’s easy to get discouraged, taking some steps (instead of doing nothing) is a good thing.

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