Important Questions We Need To Ask

Political post. You know the drill, if you don’t want to read it don’t click read more.

A lot of people are quick to defend the missile strike today because we needed to respond to the chemical attack. I am not going to get into that part of this (even though I have a lot to say about it). I just want to highlight some important questions that we need to demand people ask the president.

The most important question: Is Trump going to start taking in refugees again since he apparently cares so damn much?

1: Was this the only option for response?

2: What was the goal of this response?

3: Will that goal actually do anything for the people in Syria?

4: Did Trump discuss this with all the right people?

5: Did Trump discuss this with the wrong people?

6: Did Trump inform the right people?

7: Did Trump inform the wrong people?

8: How does the UN feel about this action?

9: Was this action even legal?

10: What will this require of us as far as future action?

11: Will Trump discuss future action with the right/wrong people?

12: What will be the goal of future action?

Context matters and right now we don’t have any. His motivation, intention, and goals all matter regardless of whether or not this was the right response. I am hard pressed to believe that any of those were coming from the right place.

And before people get pissed at me, I would be equally pissed off had we elected Clinton and she did this. I would be assuming that she was doing what she’s being doing for years, which is poking the great Russian bear using Syria as the stick.

I have a great deal more thoughts, but right now I am going to let things play out. However, I feel that if we aren’t demanding context to this situation then we are doing ourselves and the people of Syria a great disservice.


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