Losing Weight/Getting Healthy: Things to Do

So I’ve discussed a lot on this blog my desire to lose weight and get healthy. Here are some things that I super need to work on to that end

-Cut down on sodium: My husband and I both use WAY too much salt

-Pre-make some meals: I often dislike make ahead meals but the reality is I am just not someone that can cook/make three meals everyday. If I have to make my breakfast, lunch, and dinner then something will get thrown by the wayside. Even if two of the three meals are super easy. It’s just the way I am. I’ve been looking a lot into pre-made lunches especially. Since I do such small breakfasts and have started to enjoy cooking dinner lunch is kind of my worst meal.

-Drink more water

-Pay attention to serving sizes and how much I use of things: This will never be something I follow perfectly. I am the type of person that reads a recipe and always ends up changing things like “I’ll add a touch more of this, and a bit of that”. Not only that but when dishing up my food I am hard pressed to be like “ok this is exactly one serving of fish and this is this much veggie”. The reality is when measuring calories in vs calories out there needs to be a level of paying attention to serving sizes and exactly how much I am using of what when cooking

-Wear my fitbit… I never do

-Work on my insomnia

-Stop keeping unhealthy snacks in my house: I often buy them when I am craving them but then they are just there so they get eaten a lot. It’s fine to give into cravings every once in a rare while but I need to keep temptation away

-Eat clean whenever I can: I don’t foresee myself doing a 100% switch. There are some things I enjoy too much that aren’t part of “eating clean”. That being said I can start making changes in that direction

-Eat slower

-Don’t drink my calories: Especially when it comes to alcohol and how I get my caffeine

-Make sure I am eating a variety of things: Not just one type of protein, one type of fruit, a few types of veg but a well rounded variety.

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