Things To Do Before 30 (and after)

-Push hard on my writing. I am responsible for the fact that I have not moved further. I am responsible for the fact that I’ve only given it medium effort. I am my roadblock. I am responsible for whether or not I move forward.

-Find a happy medium with Twitch. One where I am giving it enough time and actually attempting to be successful, but don’t become so overwhelmed that I end up taking such long breaks from it. There is a balance and it’s one that I have discover for me.

-Lose weight and get healthy. It’s time… it’s been time. I want to love my body again. I also just need to take care of myself and my health.

-Stop eating out and start cooking all our meals. Eating out or getting take away needs to become a super rare exception not the rule.

-Drink less.

-Drink fewer energy drinks and sodas as well.

-Get outdoors more and do more activities. I am a very indoor and sedentary person. I used to really enjoy walks, hikes, going to different activities around the city, things like that… Need to get back to it.

-Be a better friend and family member.

-Be a better wife.

-Be more positive.

-Stop beating myself up it does nothing to help me do better or help my mental health.

-Keep fighting my anxiety, my depression, my manic depressive disorder. Fight harder in fact.

-Start taking pictures again.

-Do more crafts.

-Enjoy the shallow things. Do my makeup, do my hair, put effort into myself. It is shallow but it can still help in confidence.

-Spend less.

-Except on tattoos, spend more on tattoos.

-Work on scheduling and time management.

-Get better at marketing my writing/Twitch/blog/etc

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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