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This morning I tried to update everyone about a change coming to stream. Because of the nature of social media the announcements got a little unbalanced (some with more info some with less). So I have decided to make one long announcement to kind of explain the situation.

I changed my stream schedule some months ago to one that I thought would be perfect. It would work best for all three of us living in this apartment, work for my responsibilities at home and to my health, and work with my writing. Because my streaming set up is in the living room (and has to be for a number of reasons that are not interesting) it’s hard to work around living with two other people. The schedule I found should have been good, but it just frankly has not been. I have a tendency to be a night owl, and would often end up staying up way too late. The result would be I would wake up far too late to take care of everything I needed to and then make my stream time. So I would either skip important things before streaming (still often end up streaming late), canceling stream, or just kind of half ass everything because I was trying to fit too much into too small of a time frame. This can’t happen. I have to be able to go to the gym consistently and taking better care of myself overall. Losing weight at my age, and weight is not a choice it’s a must. I have to have time to write, I have to have time to take care of the things I do around the house, and I have to have a block in which I can stream and not feel rushed or pressured because of my other responsibilities.

So what does this mean? It means I need a new stream schedule. It also means a lot of experimenting to find one that works with everything. What works for me, works for Ben, and works for the housemate. I THINK I have a general idea of what might work, but I don’t want to say “oh hey this is going to be my new schedule” and have that also not work out. I will try to make this happen as quickly as possible, but I do ask that you bear with me. The next few weeks of streams will suffer from a lack of consistency and for that I apologize. I want to find a schedule I can keep quickly, and I know you as viewers do too. Thank you so much and see you soon for more Mass Effect ❤

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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