Food Cost and Food Waste

So as my personal posts have implied, I am starting to take my physical health a lot more seriously (or am making an effort to). There is a lot of room for improvement, no iffs, ands, or buts about it. I have started to cut certain things from my diet (or at least cut back to an extreme), and working harder on cooking more and better. One of the inspirations for this is my recent obsession with food cost and food waste. When our housemate moved in one of the big things we were worried about was how to split food costs. My own bad habits with eating out, not eating everything I buy, not eating leftovers, etc, added to the difficulty of this. How can I fairly say “you owe us this much for food” when I can’t even say how much I am spending on food?

I have also been looking more into food waste and what an extreme problem it is for America. It’s hard to feel right about myself knowing how much food we waste as a country, and how guilty I am of throwing out food. I am attempting to slowly train myself to be better at this. To go shopping more often (but for less items), instead of just once a week (for many). To plan out meals that will use many items, make great leftovers, then making myself eat those. Looking into tricks, like using vegetable waste to make stocks, etc. Too much of our money is wasted, we contribute too much to the food trash problem in the country, and I am not ignorant enough to deny how selfish it is.

I feel part of my problem in the past is my efforts for self improvement have never gone far enough. It is one thing to say “I will eat better”, it’s another to change up all (or at least most) of your habits when it comes to food. The reality is going those further steps is exactly what I need. It is the only thing that will truly make things stick.

Of course then I get caught up in my troubling thoughts of “it’s far too late, I’m too old, why am I just doing this now”. The reality is those thoughts are not entirely wrong. It is late, I am old, why am I just doing this now? However at least I am doing it at all. Logically I have only lived half of my life (probably even less than half) so while I cannot change what I did with the first part, I can control what I do going forward. Being upset because it is so late will not help me in bettering whatever comes next.

Sorry I digress. I have mentioned that I planned on bringing my getting healthier into stream more, and I am still working out the details of this. However I am encouraging everyone to share tips they may have that helps them to cut down on food costs, and I hope to share more with you in the future.

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