TwitchCon: Streamers to check out

Hey guys as promised here is a list of streamers I met (or saw on panels) that I think you should check out. Now I didn’t meet as many as I wanted to, but I do want to give some love to those that I did.

ThePir4teKing: Variety

MidnightJester8: Creative- Cello Player

El_x_Duderino: Variety (lots of X-Com and Hearthstone)

Kaitality: Variety, lots of horror, one of the best people of all time

Twedesmith: Couple that streams together, lots of retro but not only

TheRedVipre: One of the best people eva! Variety, lots of audience participation

LadyyDeathstrike: Variety

Goobers515: Variety SUPER high energy

doublewintwins: Fanny and Nanatorium, variety

Mental Health Panel: ScarletR0se, EddieRuckus, Brotatoe, Tigerwriter

LBGT+ Panel: AdamKoebel, distractedelf, Annemunition, UGRgaming

Tell me what you think

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