TwitchCon Day Three & Wrap Up

So I will acknowledge that my attempts to do nightly updates for TwitchCon was pretty much a failure. I underestimated how tired I would be, and how much I would have on my mind each night. Even at this moment in time I still have a large amount floating around, and have a lot to organize.

My third day was also informative, but entirely different with the panels I attended. My first was on using social media. I am horrible with social media, I acknowledge this, and have seen how bad it is for my blog, my site, my writing, my stream, all of it. There were a lot of helpful tips, but I also felt it was lacking in information in other areas. For instance they talked about varying your updates for each form of social media (helpful), but didn’t really give much advice in composing interesting updates (unhelpful). I was still very helpful to have attended, and hope to see positive returns, however I was hoping for a bit more.

The next panel I attended was on time management which I obviously need. It was EXTREMELY helpful and gave me a lot to think about with my stream, my writing, my sites, everything. I had talked about super scheduling myself to help with my mental health after my break down not long ago, this drove the point home in that it could help in MANY ways.

Other than that the rest of my day was spent doing some networking, hitting things up on the expo floor, and enjoying.

Overall TwitchCon was good for me. I took a lot of helpful information away from it, and it had me thinking hard about my future as a streamer, a writer, and many other areas. I will be getting more into that in a different post (coming soon). Aside from the information I walked away having had a fun time, getting excited for some games, and feeling recharged. I am thoroughly disappointed in myself that I did not do better with networking and meeting people. It started as a struggle and remained one through the day I left. That is not to say I wasn’t delighted with the people I did meet, I was. It is hard to feel totally accomplished in that aspect as I search through my noted and cards, and realize how isolated I remained in such a large group. That being said I don’t want to totally ignore the accomplishment it was for me to go. Last year despite having my ticket I was unable to force myself to attend TwitchCon. While it took Ben joining me this year I still went, I still got there, despite digging in my heels at a few moments and wanting to back out. I wish I had done better, but I am also very happy that I was able to go at all.

I am choosing to focus in on the positives, and there were many. I am glad I went, hope to see positive changes in the months to come, and hope to attend next year.

Our journey home was less than thrilling. We got a flat, which in the good ole days wouldn’t have been a big deal. Now however we don’t have real tires as our spare, and those stupid donuts. We ended up having to drive for longer than I felt comfortable on it, then waiting around 2 and a half hours for it to get changed. Despite my being extremely annoyed, looking back we were very lucky. It was just a flat and not a blow out. We were able to get the car to a safe place to change the tire. We were only about 20 mins from the nearest town even though we had to flip around. We had also decided to stop and stay with my aunt that night instead of attempting the full trip in one day. I am bummed that my time with my aunt was cut short, but grateful really that everything worked out as well as it did, all things considered. Getting home was still hard. The “high” from the conference wore off and left me restless and exhausted. I am glad to be here, recharging my batteries, and excited to get back to streaming.

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