TwitchCon: Day Two

Sadly this post will not be very long. I have a lot I want to say, today I went to some rather heavy panels. That being said I am also pretty drained physically and emotionally, and want to give my thoughts the time they deserve.

The first panel was one on mental health and streaming. This is something that will not just require hours, or even days, of reflection. Rather it’s something that will sit with me for many weeks, even months to come. The short take away is once again consistency, and not allowing mental illness to cause me to cancel stream so often.

I also attended a panel on LGBT+ and streaming. I have a hard time with my LGBT identity. On the one hand I hate the assumption that I am straight, and not part of the community. On the other I am aware that as a “B” that is in a heterosexual marriage that I don’t suffer nearly as much. The panel was great, and my thoughts on my own identity and whether or not I should make that more part of “me” have been brought forward once again.

There were many other things that happened through the day. We finished our night with drinks with a local streamer and his partner. The two of them are good people. It’s hard for me to make connections with others so sometimes I feel a bit awkward, yet I always walk away thinking, “Hey, we should do that more”.

Again, this is not the most insightful blog I have ever written. It’s very hard at this exact moment to get my thoughts together and out. I plan to do so at some point, and really want this to serve as more checking in.

I appreciate all I’ve done and learned thus far, and feel bittersweet about my last day at TwitchCon.

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