Always Growing

I have been a fairly negative person for most of my life. If not negative, at the very least unwilling to see the bright side of things. It’s not something I can just turn off like a switch. It’s very easy to drag myself down into a place where I lose my ability to even consider that things will turn around. This is the nature of the way things are, the way I am. I am always growing, always striving, always trying to identify the worst parts of myself and do what I can.

Right now my biggest focus is my negativity, and it impacts many aspects of my life. My negativity about myself, the ease in which I give up, or never try. My negativity in how I view things, judging and assuming the worst in others. My negativity about why I haven’t gone further, succeeded more. My negativity about my future.

I am again a very negative person, no longer being so will be a challenge. I feel it’s worth it however, as being negative has gotten me nowhere. The other night I accidentally gave myself advice while attempting to give advice to another. Being positive won’t work for everybody, plenty of positive people face failure in their life. However being negative works for nobody. I can either attempt to reign in my negativity, try to be more positive, and hope for the best. Or I can continue as I have, knowing it won’t help.

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