The Struggle for Ideas

In addition to “running” this blog, I also run geeksnerdsunite as you know. I say “running” because I am struggling to update it as often as I should. Over the years of writing, either for myself or other websites, coming up with ideas has always been an issue. Sometimes they come to me quickly, based on what’s going on in my life or the world the ideas sort of present themselves. Other times, times like now for instance, ideas are nearly impossible for me. The reality is many times in my life I have stared at empty text documents, just waiting for the lightening to strike, the inspiration to come. Ideas are a struggle in all forms of writing, but they take a special place with blogs and articles. The problem with blogs and articles is you need so many all the time. The reality is 20 ideas will only last me about two weeks before they all need to be written and well on their way to being put up on one site or the other. It can truly be maddening.

Blog posts are even harder. Articles will be inspired by something that is happening in geek/nerd media all the time. I may sit for awhile, but eventually I will watch or read something that will make me think “have I ever written about ___”. Blog post though, to come up with something that is both personal and interesting? Something that readers can understand and empathize with? Something to give advice to those reading, without coming off as though I think I am an expert? I can sit for days, for weeks, without really getting those ideas.

And yet I force myself to think. I force myself to try. I will pace around my house, bounce a ball on the wall, spin in my chair, listen to hours of music, because I want to write, and want to share. I want to talk about the shared human experience, I want to talk about the highs and lows of being a writer, I want to get my thoughts out, and I want to give my thoughts to others. Ideas like everything in writing can be a struggle, but it just seems worth it.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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