The Importance of Disconnecting

I was diagnosed with depression at a rather young age, later it was changed to manic depressive, with extreme depressive tendencies. It wasn’t until much later (far too late in fact) that I finally also got diagnosed with sever anxiety as well (both general and social). I don’t tell you this to start a pity me post, only to explain where I am coming from. Through the years I have learned that mental illness is not a consistent problem. While it’s always present, there are extreme highs and lows. Some days I can live my life almost normally, others I find myself in very dark places.

The point to all this, is to talk about the importance of disconnecting sometimes. Over the years I have become more ingrained in social media. It is a good tool for me as a writer and streamer. There is of course all the “social” aspect, which we all enjoy. The problem is it can also be a trap for dark mental health days. You find yourself obsessing over every interaction, perhaps speaking to people in a negative way, and even shutting yourself off from the more productive things you should be doing. I get it, disconnecting can be hard, but it’s extremely helpful.

Signing off, tuning out, and using that time to focus on projects can be extremely helpful. Feeling especially anxious? Why read through posts and obsess over everything you are saying/doing online. Feeling depressed? Why wallow in it? Even an evening of choosing to not get online, and spend the time on other activities can do wonders for me. It also serves as a reminder to get offline sometimes, regardless of how high or low my mental state is.

Remember I am NOT a mental health professional. I simply share my experiences as someone that fights the battle for mental health everyday. My advice is from personal experience. I believe the shared experiences that we all face when trying to be mentally healthy can help each other at times. It should never be a replacement for help from mental health professionals.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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