Write Everyday?

I see a lot of people that say, if you want to be a writer you just write everyday. This is sound, but in it’s own right one of the issues of being a writer. There is a belief that you must either write or work on your writing every single day. The problem with that is it creates a certain level of pressure, and sets yourself up for failure. Most people don’t actually work everyday, and writing is just that… work. If you are writing enough to actually make it a career you are probably working on your writing on some level the same amount of hours a day that people spend at work. Do that everyday? It doesn’t allow yourself a break, or to recharge.

It’s something I’ve notice I do. I don’t update either my blog or my website on Saturdays or Sunday. However I feel this immense pressure to make sure that I am working on both, as well as my creative writing not only those days but everyday. Eventually I reach a breaking point, a point where I find myself simply unable to write or edit. I’ve realized it’s the “write everyday” trap that we often put ourselves in.

I am by no means an extremely successful writer (yet), however I do believe that the idea of writing everyday is a noble goal, but unhealthy one. I might actually go well over 7 days before I need a break, but when I do I take it. I do tell myself to write every day, but there are random Sundays (for instance) where I know it’s not going to happen. Where I shut myself off from it and allow my batteries to recharge.

Write like you would a full time job. Make yourself do it on days when it’s hard, write often, write with passion, write because it’s your dream. Don’t be afraid to take a day or two off, just like everyone else with a full time job.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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